Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charlie, my heart

This morning was really rushed and frantic but since I didn't get around to taking a shower yesterday and James and I had a date with Pediatrician Man for a well check, I thought it would be OK to pop into the shower just long enough to wash my hair and face while everyone was happily watching TV or confined to an Exersaucer. I mean, two minutes! What's the worst that could happen, right?

After spending honest-to-goodness less than two minutes in the shower, I heard the hysterical screaming as I was towel-drying my hair.

Apparently "the worst that could happen" is that Charlie, through no fault of his own of course, managed to fly off the couch and land chin-first on the edge of the coffee table.

It took me some time to get this explanation out of him. The first ten-ish minutes were nothing but non-sensical angry screaming about how EVERYTHING HURTS! I FELL AND I HURT EVERYTHING as I cradled him in my lap dripping wet and wrapped in a towel.

He got over it fairly quickly, it's SCIENCE DAY at school after all.

We were in the car to school when I saw a thin brown line forming above his eyebrows and thought it might be a long, skinny bruise? From the edge of the table? But surely if that was where he hit there would have been blood, right? Then he finally told me he'd landed on his chin and sure enough there was a small, but angry-looking bruise there too.  So I guess he really did hurt "everything".  Poor kid.  Also: heart palpitations because, YIKES!

I cheered him up by telling him that my dad, his grandpa, had flown off a couch in a very similar fashion when he was almost the same age and whacked his forehead on the very same table so hard he still has a scar to this day.  Thank goodness we were able to avoid that for now.

On another note, I had to fill in a sheet for Charlie naming his favorite song and favorite book.  His favorite song is "Mary had a Little Lamb", so I wrote that in then asked his favorite book.  He told me his favorite book was the Bible.  Which, great!  Yay!  He really does love reading his children's Bible before bed.  The story of young David being chosen as king is his favorite.

But, really?  "Mary had a Little Lamb" and "The Bible" kind of looks like I filled it out myself in an effort to look like totally awesome MOTY, you know?  He knows all the words to "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night" by the Black Eyed Peas for goodness sake!  We are not The Duggars (although if I could have a tenth of that woman's patience and time-management skills I would happily call myself one)!  Or maybe we are more of an offbeat, simple living, hippie, throwback family than I am willing to admit (as I suspect is probably the case).

So I said to him "Well, Sweetie, I think most people love to read the Bible and your teacher is trying to get a feel for what other types of books you like."  I suggested a few that we read often and he chose Stuart Little.  I was uneasy about the whole exchange and discretely brought it up to his teacher after I dropped him off.

"Oh, he LOVES to read the Children's Bible here!  It's wonderful!"

His teacher = my teacher.  I love her.

And then I felt like a jerk instead of merely looking like a jerk who filled in their kid's homework assignment.

Another another note: Kindergarten is a year away and I am starting to feel sad about it, which is not what I expected.


Sarah said...

Charlie is the sweetest kid ever.

But seriously, kindergarten is amazing. The whole reason I am doing pretty okay with 3 kids is kindergarten. Kindergarten is so great, you will probably have another baby-- that's how great it is.

Kim said...

What a sweet post! I think almost-5 is such a great age.

We do not have a coffee table, so any flights off our couch just either land splat on the carpet or splat on the hardwood floor (which is another kind of fun).

I too am getting saddened by kindergarten! I have to start thinking about registration in the next few WEEKS and it is just gnawing on me.

Chiconky said...

Eli did the EXACT. SAME. THING. once while I was in the shower. He came screaming in and it took me forever to figure out what he was talking about. Meanwhile, I remember trying to figure out how I was going to get dressed if I had to take him to the ER. He ended up with a softball size goose egg on his head and I ended up with a crazy bent lampshade.

Kyla said...

Kindergarten IS sad, especially the first time around. And also? The last time around. I cannot speak to the middle time around, as I only have a first and last. I remember at BubTar's kindergarten orientation I teared up when they brought up Kinder graduation...and he hadn't even started the year yet!

I think Charlie sounds like KOTY material. :)

Bridget McCarthy said...

So sweet!

Bridget McCarthy said...

I should clarify: So sweet that the Bible is his favorite book to read. (I remember when my kids loved to read it... then it morphed into a game called "Let's Count How Many Times The Bible Uses the word Ass" .... and then it morphed into "Let's Count How Many Times The Bible Mentions the word SEX.")