Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Potty Training WIN

This afternoon the boys and I headed out on our scooters/strollers to spend some time in the culdesac, hopefully not fighting with each other in the last couple of hours before Ryan's arrival home.  I was getting the scooters out of the car when I asked Wes if he had to go potty.  He said he did, but since I already had all the kids outside and the stroller all set up and the scooters ready to go I thought maybe the power of magical thinking might make him not have to go potty until we were all ready to go back inside, in about an hour.

So Charlie and Wes got on their scooters and I pushed James in the stroller and we headed for the culdesac, which is about a hundred yards away.  Around yard thirty, I told Charlie he could go ahead of us and he sped off along the sidewalk.  I could see my friend and her two girls down the street and had a good view of Charlie the whole way there.  I love letting him have that freedom.  It makes him so proud and happy.

Charlie had just reached the culdesac, well out of polite yelling range, and was starting his first loop when Wes stopped in his tracks.  (He stopped at the 50 yard line, just like Texas Tech's offense last year)  I passed him with the stroller and called him over my shoulder "Come on, Buddy!  Almost there!"

He wouldn't budge.

"I wanna go potty."

Oh.  I checked on Charlie, happily doing laps on the curved sidewalk.  "OK, no one is here, let's just go in the grass!"  (It is a wooded area next to our house, not someone's yard.  This is Central Texas, for goodness sake.)

"I wanna go in da HOUSE!"

He was hanging on by this point.  And dancing.

Charlie was still riding in circles.  James was happy in the stroller.

"Wes, come on!  No one's looking!  Let's just go right here!"  I briefly contemplated the absurdity of trying to convince a two year old boy that it's alright to take a leak in the grass for the sake of convenience.  Especially since school starts tomorrow.  I can only imagine THAT note from the teacher.

I feigned cheerfulness.  "Alright, Buddy!  Let's get these shorts off so you can go potty and then we'll all go to the culdesac to ride scooters!!"  I tugged his shorts down around his ankles.

He pulled his feet out of the shorts, kicking off his shoes, and ran down the sidewalk toward our house calling out "I wanna go potty inside!"  Percy, from Thomas the Tank Engine, looked back at me from Wes's undies, silently mocking me with his creepy eyes.

I looked at Charlie.  I looked at Wes.  I considered my options and finally called the friend who was out in the culdesac and asked her to keep an eye on Charlie for a moment.  Then James and I took off to join Wes, who went potty in the potty without further incident.  Then we walked back down the street to retrieve Wes's pants and shoes.

We'll call that a potty training success.


WhitMc said...


Kim said...

Love it!

CP said...

I so love your blog! It fully captures the adventures of living with boys! Growing up, I always wanted three boys like you have...I have two more to go.

Anonymous said...

When he does choose the grass or a bush you will be glad he is a boy. Its harder for a girl..one of ours found out. GGMann

A. said...

This is similar to the whole "peeing in the pool/lake/ocean" dilemma. How do you teach a kid that they need to go to the bathroom in the potty all the time.... eh, except when they're in the water and it's really, really inconvenient to find a bathroom and wriggle out of wet swimming clothes. Kids can be total rule followers when you least want them to be!

susanna said...

I love this! While in Maine this summer my little boy loved the idea (encouraged by his Dad) of peeing outside. When we got home he insisted on peeing in the grass at the end of our front walk... we live on campus :)

Rima said...

That is so awesome. And also very, very funny.

Bridget McCarthy said...

HA! That. Is. Awesome. (Favorite part: creepy Percy eyes.)

Kyla said...

LOL! Some kids just can't do it outside! I remember when we evacuated for Rita we were in the car for 24 hours and one time BubTar had to go, but we were nowhere near anything, so we took him outside in the bushes to go and he just couldn't make it happen.

sarah said...

YAY!!! Don't worry, he'll be begging to pee in public soon enough... :-)