Saturday, August 6, 2011

We have arrived

As a kid I always wanted a kitchen table with a bench, just like the Hogan Family had in their kitchen. Flash forward twenty-five years and now the kids (and we) have systematically destroyed almost all the chairs that originally came with the butcher block kitchen table Ryan and I bought at a yard sale down the street when we were first married.

We're down to two actual chairs and one chair that has become a stool after I roughly set it aside one day in a fit of post-partum, "I've been trapped in the disgusting house for four straight weeks", mopping frenzy and the back flew into a million pieces. And since we blew right past the suburban ideal of two kids, we need to have five seats anyway. It was time to trade up.

So after seven and a half years, we bought the first piece of new furniture we've ever bought together as a couple. We are JUST LIKE the Hogan Family now!

Oddly, the bench has not altered the usual state of disorder that pervades my kitchen. I think only James graduating from high school will fix that. Which is to say, I better just get over it.

(We're going to refinish the rest of the table to match the bench. One day. Or maybe we'll just get a lot of nice tablecloths.)

(I'm keeping the stool chair forever)


Kyla said...

Josh wants one of those benches, too!

I suggest getting a plastic coated tablecloth if you go that route. We bought our first real tablecloth and it was spilled on within a half hour or so...and my youngest is SIX. Maybe by the time they are 25 we'll be able to have a real tablecloth.

Kristen said...

Garden Ridge - 3.99 for cheap plastic ones. Not quite the decorator's dream, but works well! LIke the bench

Katie said...

Oh man, Chris is going to be so jealous! He's always wanted a bench for the table! Yeah, don't bother with real tablecloths. Between the wine and kids spilling EVERYTHING, you might want to wait a few years or do the plastic coated ones. Fo sho.

Kim said...

I too vote for plastic/vinyl table cloths. There are some good-looking ones out there (I've had luck at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and another added bonus is they don't add to the laundry total!!

Love the bench, and the chair stool!!

unfinished bar stools said...

Very impressive! The bench looks lovely!