Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love the beginning of the fall semester. Even though it is still one hundred degrees outside, we powered through with our traditional scooter ride around campus and trip to the cafe for hot chocolate on Tuesday. We would have gone on Monday, which was the actual first day, but I was, frankly, afraid to take them out in public. It was not a good day.

But Tuesday we had a plan!

The big men on campus:


We had a gleeful scooter ride from the car to the library to check out Toy Story and then it was time to scooter over to the student center for some hot chocolate. The woman who makes the hot chocolate remembered them from the spring semester and commented on how big everyone was getting. Have I mentioned that I love my school?


Today was my first day of class. I teach two labs this semester. It is going to be SO MUCH easier than the spring. For one thing, it only meets for ten weeks. Second, I only lecture for ten minutes. The rest is helping with their experiments. It is SO MUCH FUN.

Also fun, our babysitter came today with rolls of construction paper and when I came home they had made race cars out of diaper boxes and watched Toy Story and cleaned up the playroom.

Not fun? I pushed ahead with my planned first-day-of-school outfit of jeans, and a short-sleeved cardigan from JCrew despite the fact that we just had our SEVENTIETH DAY of temperatures above a hundred degrees. It was fine while I was inside, but the walk to my car was quite unpleasant. Now that I've registered my protest against this ridiculous summer, I'll be going back to skirts and tees until it's AT LEAST in the nineties.


Anonymous said...

OMG James is huge (in a totally cute, adorable way of course)! Your school is so cute! -abby

sarah said...

70 days above 100 degrees???!!! I was going to write a post complaining about our 1st day above 90 this summer. But now I will not. Instead I will apologize for even considering writing that post.

The boys are adorable!!! Love the idea of the race cars out of diaper boxes. I can't wait 'til we're unpacked in our new house--so many of our boxes are too beaten up to use for any more moving (hello, 3 moves in 4 years!) & I want us to make a big box city out of the old boxes for the backyard. And by "us," I mean Ethan for 10 minutes and me for the rest of the time. And by "rest of the time" I mean the 20 minutes after Ethan gives up. Hooray for Rule 3!!! ;-)

Kim said...

What a fun ritual!! The big boys look so cute in their helmets -- James looks like he is quite anxious to get on one of those scooters!!

I'm sorry about the heat wave -- hopefully the weather changes soon.

Sarah said...

Please move here-- it's still hot when school starts, but you will be chilly enough for a cardigan in NO TIME.

I also love the first day of school. I guess I will have to live vicariously through my 5 y/o because I don't meet my new crop of grad students until October-ish (which is GORGEOUS here-- you guys should come visit :)

Bridget McCarthy said...

(1) I want a scooter.
(2) And a campus to ride around.
(3) I want a job where I can wear jeans.
(4) Because denim holds in my flabby butt and thighs WAY better than these thin work pants. (I promise I'll dress up the denim with jewelry and a pressed shirt.)
(5) Your boys are so cute I could eat them.
(6) But I won't.
(7) Because they'd probably just go straight to my thighs and I'd have to get bigger work pants. Again.

Rima said...

I love how you are pretending it's autumn, temperatures be damned!

Kyla said...

It is soooooo hot. I want to drop all of my classes so I don't have to walk to them! Waaaah!