Sunday, August 14, 2011

Attention Target Shoppers

I dressed the children alike today for my amusement. I thought it looked like they were going to go to Catholic school, but some (six) of my friends pointed out on Facebook that they looked like they all worked at Target.


About two seconds after this picture was taken, Charlie jumped up, screaming, because he had been sitting right in an ant hill. It was the last straw for Charlie, who had had a very stressful morning. He woke up at six and was forced to use the potty and get back in bed. Then his banana was rendered totally inedible by a "soft place" and Wes insisted on referring to the letter "G" magnet as the letter "T" and Charlie reacted so violently that he had to go to time out. It was a rough morning. And then he got attacked by ants.

Ryan still wanted a picture of them so we tried again after church. I call this series "Low blood sugar: What the hell are you looking at?" James was uncooperative because he wanted to eat the mulch behind him. Charlie tried to make him turn around by pulling on his ear. Wes refused to sit on his bottom.




This morning I was so homesick for our old town that I insisted we have lunch at our favorite taco place. They had it in our old town--it's where we went on our first date--and just built one here. The cool slash creepy thing is that the one here is identical in every way to the one in our old town (Except the friendly manager who always greeted me by name. Because I spent WAY too much time there.). Even the flatware has the same pattern. It's like walking into our past, but with lots and lots of extra children.

Extra children, who, it turns out, love refried beans.


Really, really love refried beans.


Like, if I lingered too long over my iced tea and didn't get the fork moving in time, he would grab a handful off the plate and smear them all over the place.


It was a delicious hour of feeling like we were back in our school town where the temperature would soon be dropping to a reasonable sixty degrees at night and eighty-ish during the day. Where the whole town would be going football-crazy in a week or two. It's always a surprise when we walk out of that place and are still in South. I felt like I should go home and argue with Ryan about who gets to spend the afternoon working on their dissertation.


Kyla said...

Haha! True on both accounts. Though, my kids go to public school and wear uniforms.

The weather in old town sounds dreamy compared to Hell...I mean, Houston. ;) If KayTar ever doubts my love I will remind her about the time I spent an hour outside in August so she could play in the awesome fountains at the park downtown. My love for her is about the only thing that could motivate me to do such a crazy thing. Freaking August.

Elizabeth said...

I love Target, so I see no problem tiny Target employees!

My 7 month old daughter adores refried beans--it's the very first thing she grabs when we get Tex-Mex (read: all the time).

I clicked over from the Blathering attendee list--it's nice to find another Texas person!

Steph said...

Do you promise that our temps are going to drop like that? Outside of the very welcome break this weekend (of 95), it's still 100+ every day, and we're about to break the record for consecutive days that get above 90. It's awful! I will be optimistic with you, though.

Alyssa said...

That is an awesome series of photos! LOL!

Anonymous said...

We visited said college town last week. Thought of you guys. Felt our age as we DEFINITELY stood out among the "young people." It made me want to trade in my "over-thirty" school bag for a back-pack. Kinda...Love the Target ad!:)

sarah said...

omg, the "low blood sugar" picture series is HILARIOUS! Poor Charlie--that's a lot of indignity for one morning.

I love your little Target troupe.

Sarah said...

3 boys in matching outfits!! I cannot WAIT. I am still laughing at the Target comment.

AJU5's Mom said...

With Target now having "super" versions, it might be helpful to start training them now to work there. When they are teenagers, you could get some good deals on food that way :)