Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My kids are total rockstars.

Even though they made me set James and Wes up on different rows (one carseat per row, has to be by the window), and I had to sit with James while Charlie and Wes sat up front, they were calm and quiet and friendly the whole time. They ate snacks, they read books, they chatted with each other, we took several trips to the bathroom.

*They* (not me!) made it look easy. When we got off the plane, an off-duty flight attendant was so impressed with them that she carried our two giant carseats all the way to our next gate then waited with all of our stuff so I could take everyone to the bathroom to marvel at the suction potty.


And then when we arrived my aunt was waiting for me right near the gate and the hardest part of the whole trip was officially a memory!

I can't even remember what it feels like to burn myself on my own car's tailgate/driveway/flip flops anymore.

Charlie spent an hour in the freezing North Atlantic yesterday.



He stayed in until he was shivering and asking me to get his coat for him.

Phent watched from the porch.


A lobsterman delivered a bucket of live lobsters to the end of the dock yesterday afternoon and we ate them for dinner. Charlie ate his whole lobster then spent the rest of the meal begging for more.


We went to the Botanical Garden's Children's Garden today. They pumped water into watering cans, watered flowers, heard a reading of Harold and the Purple Crayon, rowed the Tidely Idely, and crossed a perilous rope bridge.





Then we had a picnic where James teethed on a piece of celery just like the colonists.


We have big plans for some serious sitting around later.


WhitMc said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! And the flight sounds like the stuff of legend.

Leslie said...

aaaahhhhh...looks lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Every year around this time I seriously ask myself "why don't I live in Maine?"

Rima said...

That sounds absolutley magical! I've always wanted to vacation in New England (I'm kind of assuming that's where you are, on account of the freezing Atlantic and the lobsters DELIVERED TO YOUR PIER!)

I hope you have a relaxing time!

sarah said...

It looks so perfect!!! I *heart* Maine.

Kyla said...

There are places where summer isn't a sweaty, heat-strokey place where you must stay indoors/submerged in water 100% of the time?! REALLY?! We live in the wrong state.

Sarah said...

I want a lobster man! What a great trip!

Phoenix Rising said...

Love!! Uh. I want to be there. All the time. And never, ever leave. Except maybe during winter.