Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In which we make the children learn something

There's only so much sand and water play three pirates can take before they begin to turn on each other. It seemed to be time for a little change in scenery, so yesterday we loaded up my grandmother's station wagon and went to the Portland Head Light.


We wanted to give the kids a little culture and at about an hour away, it killed just enough time to put us home right at high tide for prime swimming time.

I asked the kids what they thought it would be like to live in this house, way out in the middle of nowhere (at the time) with only each other to play with.


They looked at the pounding surf, nearby beach (with swings!) and boats passing by and thought it would be a great place to live.

I thought so too. I pictured myself wearing sweaters, gardening and canning our food, making big pots of soup while the wind whistled by the windows and waves crashed against the rocks.

And then I remembered how twitchy I get when the grocery store closes for Labor Day.

But it sure was pretty.


We were captivated by the stories of shipwrecks and heroic lightkeepers (Everyone on board survived this one, amazingly). The rocks around the lighthouse were enormous and forbidding. It's not hard to imagine how dangerous and scary it would have been to be on a ship passing by on the way into Portland.


We have my cousin Jen here this week, helping with the boys, and we have had so much fun (We had her sister here last week too and that was great too (Hi Lily! The boys and I miss you!)).


We took an obligatory cheesy family picture.


And then all the kids took a simulnap on the way home.


And, appropos of nothing, James learned to smile for the camera this morning. He is seven months old today. If someone would please find a way to slow down time, that would be excellent.


Wouldn't he make a cute little lighthouse keeper's baby? I better go knit him a Fair Isle Sweater.


Kyla said...

Looks gorgeous there!

Sarah said...

7 months? no way! That lighthouse is gorgeous. It makes me want to go to the beach in the winter. I love winter beaches.

Rima said...

I know I've said this before, but I think I want to live in Maine. It's like a postcard!

Bridget McCarthy said...

I want to live in that lighthouse. I mean, I'd have internet, right? I could skype my children. It'd be fine.

sarah said...

it is so beautiful!!! I feel the same way about wanting to live on a small island w/ a lighthouse--but then I get twitchy if there's not a Target w/in 2 miles of my house.

And I agree w/ Sarah--winter @ the beach is one of my favorite things!