Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlie-, Wes-, and James-zilla take Boston, a liveblog*

*is not actually live

10:30 We're on the T! Everyone is excited! I have lost five years of lifespan due to stress of keeping two hyper kids from falling onto train tracks during wait for train.

11:00 We've arrived at the Park stop to learn that the elevator is closed. Had to carry three children plus bags plus eighty pound stroller up approximately nine flights of stairs among dozens of well-dressed commuters. Thank goodness Ryan is here!

11:15 Have reached the street. It is possible I have more children than I can control.

11:30 Playground, how original! It is the playground in Boston Common, though, so this is a cultural experience. Cannot interest Texan children in the Frog Pond as it is only seventy-five degrees outside (glorious!).

12:00 Wes got yelled at by a stranger IN CHINESE. See! Cultural experience!

12:30 We've left the playground for a lunch break at Quincy Market. Abigail Adams gave us great directions. The twenty-minute forced march to lunch was very special for everyone. I am dismayed that my plan to sneak away to the Gap to find something that hasn't been thrown up on or covered in sand to wear on the plane will not be possible due to extreme unruly behavior.

1:00 In lieu of exposing the children to traditional New England fare for lunch as planned, we're eating lunch at Cheers, where everybody knows your name and no one has to pretend she likes seafood.

1:30 Nothing like being out in a strange city and relying on public transportation to make you feel your "outnumbered" status more acutely. I wonder how much a cab ride to Texas would cost.

2:30 We're back at Boston Common and the children are in the Frog Pond. I am eating a cupcake. Is this what vacation feels like?

3:30 Drag reluctant children to Public Garden for magical/special Make Way for Ducklings photoshoot. Secure very cute picture of all three boys riding ducks. James was not interested in eating nicely on bench near the ducks, preferring off-on-off-on maneuver for maximum nipple exposure. Puritans would be horrified.

4:00 On our way back to the T. Snapped at Charlie after he slapped my butt to get my attention.

4:10 OMG we are lost in the hottest T station EVER and there are NO ELEVATORS. It is possible I will die in here right under the meaningless sign depicting the direction of the platform for the Braintree train as perpendicular to the floor and off to the left.

4:30 The train is here! And packed with commuters! A nice man has given up his seat for me and I am sitting on it with Charlie and Wes are sitting in my lap. Kids are cuddly and sweet and we talk quietly about the Frog Pond. It was sweet and cozy and I wonder what the heck I was so stressed out about all day.

5:15 We're back at the hotel! All of us! Alive! It's a miracle!

5:30 PBS Kids is on and the pizza is ordered. Much better. Next time I leave this room I'll be headed for HOME!


Candy or David Masters said...

OMG, what a day you had today. I know just where you were, Park St right?? That is a very confusing place, I remember going thru with David in tow last october after seeing Blue Man Group. It was good to be home that night too. Glad you made it, bon voyage for tomorrow. Hugs to the rugrats. C

Chiconky said...

You are such a rockstar for taking THREE kids on public transportation during rush hour. Me? I have a hard enough time keeping track of my bag. And I used to try it with a stroller/baby but just freaked out too much. Glad it was a (for the most part) great day. (Eli TOTALLY slaps my butt too. Where do they get that?!)

Steph said...

Hope you enjoyed those 70's while you could! :)

Kyla said...

WHEW! You are brave to take 3 little ones out into new territory. I only have 2 that aren't so little and sometimes that is nutso.

Snarky Mommy said...

"Puritans would be horrified." Snort!

Three kids on public transportation really brings out the best in everyone. Fellow commuters included.

Now just think, you could have LIVED there with three and then you would have to do it all the time.

Bridget McCarthy said...

You are one brave soul.

And now I'm going to go take a shot in your honor after reading that.

Anonymous said...

"12:00 Wes got yelled at by a stranger IN CHINESE. See! Cultural experience!"
Are you sure you aren't in DC? Rudeness with an international flair is our specialty!

Sarah said...

I have not been to Boston since I was pregnant with H-- this makes me want to go tomorrow!

sarah said...

i'm exhausted just reading it! I love Boston, but I've never experienced it as a parent. Ethan smacks my butt, too. WTF is taht all about?!