Friday, June 17, 2011

We went on a date

Since this week is church camp, we haven't had our babysitter over as much to watch the kids. She still likes being paid (and she says she thinks my kids are funny and cute too), so she suggested we go out for dinner and a movie tonight and let her handle bedtime. We slung some frozen chicken tenders down and backed out of the garage before she could even say "Can the kids watch a movie?"

Since it's a hundred degrees outside, we thought it would be fun to eat outside, so we headed downtown to where all the food trailers are. If you're not from the area, envision an empty lot filled with tricked out campers selling hipster versions of your fair-food favorites. Ryan got a cone shaped tortilla filled with fried shrimp and avocado pieces and coleslaw. I got a crepe filled with brie and eggplant (I wanted to marry that crepe). Then we went a couple of trailers down and had cupcakes.


Then we moved the party to a miniature golf course. This shark almost did me in.


Some of us can't take anything seriously.


Oh for goodness sake.


Ryan's ball got stuck and he had to look under the turtle's bottom to get it out. I am a supportive and helpful spouse. Heh heh.


We wanted to play another round, but it was unbelievably hot, so we went and had a beer instead (also outside, it's summer dang it, even if it is too hot to leave the house).

When we got home our babysitter had cleaned the kitchen and living room and put all three kids to bed. She had good reports about everyone's behavior except for Charlie, who squirreled away and ate an entire steamfresh bag of broccoli while she was upstairs checking on James. When she questioned him about the missing broccoli he replied "It was just so yummy I couldn't stop eating it!" I sort of felt the same way about my crepe filled with brie.


Sarah said...

We have those kind of carts on campus and downtown at lunchtime-- delish! I love hippies.

LOL @ whole bag of broccoli-- I wish that's what I'd eat when I go through a bag of something!

Fun date, and you guys look so cute.

Snarky Mommy said...

Date night is the best. We need more food trucks in Chicago -- I loved them when we were there this spring!

Rima said...

So glad you guys got to go out! Our favorite date is dinner + bookstore + ice cream, but Putt-Putt comes in a close second!

sarah said...

Love that he at an entire bag of broccoli! The cool food trucks came to LA right after we left & I haven't seen any up here yet. Bummer.

Glad you got to go on a date! We have got to start doing date nights here; makes a world of difference in our lives!

Kyla said...

Sounds fun, EXCEPT for the outside part. Fun or no, I'm not going out there!

WhitMc said...

That sounds awesome. I love fair having what sounds like fancy fair food year-round is a dream come true!

Bridget McCarthy said...

Aren't those the perfect date nights ever? The ones that end in a clean kitchen? Cleaned by someone else? Also - I cannot even imagine what this food cart area thing looks like. Maybe we're not allowed to have hippies where I live.