Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. VBS (Vacation Bible School, a.k.a. "church camp") is this week. And last week. We're doing two weeks of VBS. On one hand it's great to have the kids occupied for half of every day. On the other, they're tired as hell and have the behavior to show for it. Last night at the pool I tried to force Wes to put his life jacket back on and he BIT ME. And then, Tweedle Dee couldn't help himself and continued to splash and otherwise goad his incarcerated brother until I dragged everyone back to the towels to wait for Ryan, who was expecting to arrive to happy fun swimming time. Instead, he took them home and left me at the pool with my friend and her two children. Who were behaving like human beings and not wolves.

2. We had huge thunderstorms last night, which is awesome because it hasn't rained in over thirty days around here. I love lying in bed listening to thunder and rain on the roof. I do not love sitting up in a chair nursing a terrified baby and listening to rain on the roof. Ryan sort of enjoys curling up in a twin size bed with a shaking toddler wrapped around him like a Snuggie, but probably not for four hours, which is how long it took Wes to calm down. We were a tired family this morning at six when everyone was up for the day. Yay rain?

3. My job at church camp involves a lot of wandering around checking on things and I often run into Charlie and Wes. Charlie signs "I love you" every time he sees me. If he can break away from his group he gives me a giant body-slam hug which I have learned from "Pink Brain Blue Brain" is the boy equivalent of curling up in your lap. I love it when he does this. And have learned to prep myself for the impact like a linebacker.

4. I try not to let Wes see me because sometimes he gets upset and wants to stay with me. One time, though, he ran by me holding two other kids by the hands and shrieked "WE HAD FUN IN DA JUMPING HOUSE!" over his shoulder. His face and shirt were sticky and orange with popsicle residue. The picture of a happy kid.

5. The other day I walked into a friend's back yard to swim and saw Charlie at the bottom of the pool. I screamed "SOMEBODY GET CHARLIE", but then he started kicking and popped his head out of the water, grinning from ear to ear. That is how I learned Charlie can swim under water now (Ryan was in the pool with him and already knew he could do it). My life expectancy is now five years shorter.

6. I am taking the kids on an airplane by myself soon. Two airplanes, to be exact. I'm currently accepting prayer and drink coupons (enough that I can also distribute them to the people sitting in our general vicinity).

7. I just made "Ants on a Log" for the kids and thought I'd try it myself since they think Ants on a Log is the most amazing thing since boxed mac and cheese (probably because I use chocolate chips instead of raisins). OMG Ants on a Log, where have you been all my (adult) life?


Sarah said...

Love the linebacker hug-- that's adorable! Church camps sounds pretty fun, too.

Snarky Mommy said...

Do you seriously need drink coupons? Because Josh has enough Southwest coupons to get free drinks for the rest of his life. Let me know and I will send you some!

AJU5's Mom said...

VBS is such a mixed blessing. Ours "normally" is mid-day, so at least if the kids are misbehaving when we are home in the afternoon, it isn't long until bed!

And rain - what is that? You can send that west please :)

Good luck on the trip! Praying the boys are well behaved (and hopefully sleep a lot) on the plane!

sarah said...

OMG, a kid at the bottom of the pool would be the end of me, right then & there. We were at a BBQ last weekend and Ethan slipped off a stair in the "shallow" end and forgot his months of swim lessons and before I could get there someone else's dad went in and fished him out by the arm. YEARS off my life, for sure.

Good to know that the running, bashing-into-you, bone-crushing hug is a sign of affection. I get that a lot, so that's nice!

And now I will keep my angst about flying alone with one child to myself. eeek!