Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On my third twenty-ninth birthday

It was a very thirty-one kind of day, I'd say. It began with Charlie appearing at my bedside at 7:00 sharp to show me the globe he'd drawn. Ryan whisked him downstairs to prepare my birthday surprise where I heard lots of whispering and shuffling around. They called me and I stumbled down the stairs, slightly alarmed by the eerie orange glow coming from the kitchen.

Did they get me a nuclear reactor for my birthday, like I'd asked? No! They put thirty-one candles on a birthday cake.

Wes came downstairs and everyone sang, I blew out the candles, we ate cake, Wes ate a candle, we coerced the children to shore up their blood sugar by having a banana too, tantrums were thrown, shoes were found, Curious George was turned on, coffee was made and delivered to me in a brand new travel mug to replace the one the kids use in the baby pool now, Ryan left for work, I folded laundry.

Then we went to a cool toy store with a playroom and spent the morning building trains and dragons and log cabins and playing junk yard. My friend and I got a little crazy and took all five children, aged four and under, to a sit-down restaurant for lunch. Mac and cheese and peanut butter-banana sandwiches for the kiddos, BLTs for the ladies, a mashed banana for James (this is a whole other post, but there was no way that kid was going to make it to six months before eating fruit with his little tractor beam eyes and pitiful wail of starvation, sorry Pediatrician Man, a hungry kid is a hungry kid). Cupcakes on the way back to the car rounded out a really nice morning.

And then NO ONE NAPPED. Charlie managed to convince me he wasn't tired. Wes laid on his back kicking his door and demanding water for nearly an hour before Charlie let him out. James had a diaper incident that woke him up (possibly definitely related to the banana).

I sent Charlie and Wes out into the backyard to do *something* that did not involve me for a while. When I heard laughing and checked on them a few minutes later, this is what I found:


Which is a huge improvement over yesterday when they teamed up to spray hose water directly through the open back door into the kitchen.

Later, after Wild Kratts, I found a scorpion stuck to my pool bag in the kitchen and flung the whole thing onto the back porch (Yes, I did check out the window to see if anyone's husband was home before I tackled that job myself). With the back porch now off limits until Ryan could perform a full inspection, they played Superheroes in the front yard.


Superheroes who loooooove each other:


Which was really fun and cute for a while and then Ryan came home and both older boys hit the freaking wall and there was an entire hour during which at least two kids were screaming hysterically for one reason or another (or no reason at all). James was placated by sucking down the last of the baby oatmeal (two bowls) and another half a banana, but Charlie and Wes just had to be put to bed. I choose to blame the terrible behavior and moods on the fact that it is now summer "break". Boo.

Through all the screaming Ryan made a delicious dinner of huevos rancheros for us, complete with homemade salsa. Now that everyone is in bed and we've eaten our coconut cream pie I hardly remember all the multi-child mega-tantrum. And now I've got some Bossypants to read and some gift card Zappos shopping to do. All's well that end's well!


Chiconky said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds fabulous!

Lindsay said...

Hey Bec! Happy birthday! The blog update looks great by the way! FYI - your left side column still refers to your 2 babies. Be careful or you'll turn into Grandpa Paulsen:
G: "I have two sons"
G'ma: "What about Scotty"
G:"Oh yeah, Scotty, he's a character."

Rima said...

Happy belated birthday! You have a very full and beautiful life!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday! NO naps at all-- it's like they conspired to give you so much togetherness on your birthday. Sounds like a pretty delicious day!

Alyssa said...

Happy birthday! Loving the new header and layout!

Phoenix Rising said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Perhaps the boys thought your birthday was TODAY and they're all going to sleep for 3 hours straight. At the same time. And still be tired enough to go to bed early. A mom can dream, right? (At least you had the book & Zappos to take the edge off!)

ScientistMother said...

happy birthday