Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day in the Life

This is for my blog friend, Brooke, who is posting a schedule of her day every day this week. I think it will be interesting to read later when everyone is older. And now that I'm rereading it I sort of get why I'm so tired all of the time. Next I'll tell you about a non-work day, which will be considerably shorter (i.e. 10-4, played with hose, ate popsicles).

4:00 (AM) Feed baby, fall asleep in chair, wake up, return baby to crib, return to bed

7:05 Awaken with a start to learn that the alarm clock has not yet appeared by my bedside to inform me of 1) Other awake children, 2) A Pull-Up mishap, or 3) Imminent death by starvation. Wake Ryan up and hurry him into the shower.

7:07 Remember that Ryan's car is dead, text babysitter, see if she can come early.

7:20 Join children milling around in hallway. Respond to pressing questions re: when can I turn on the TV. Find baby and remote control. Get back in bed for feeding and news time.

7:35 Hand off baby, hop in shower for hair-only three minute, incredibly disappointing shower.

7:38 Throw on jeans and nice-ish black shirt, necklace, sandals, deodorant ("getting ready" routine complete).

7:40 Join chaos downstairs. Start a load of laundry. Make sure everyone has sufficient clothing to cover important parts. Buckle children in car. Ensure there are enough shoes in the car that we could all walk to a gas station in case of mechanical failure. Leave for Ryan's work.

7:43: Two frantic texts from babysitter. SO SORRY, OVERSLEPT! Pull over to relieve texting-inept husband. Respond: "No problem! I'll take the kids out for breakfast tacos. See you at nine."

8:10 Arrive at Ryan's work. Kisses all around.

8:20 Arrive at breakfast taco place to find it packed with policemen and firefighters having breakfast. How fortunate. For the boys, I mean. Order tacos. Take crazy-parade back through seating area to car. Fireman holds door. Well, hello there! Boys in awe.

8:40 Get home. Set kids up with tacos at kitchen table. Switch laundry to dryer. Remember abruptly that the babysitter is coming and the living room looks like a halfway house. Perform "quick sweep" of living room: Toys in playroom, clothes in washer, diapers in trash.

9:00 Sitter arrives.

9:01 Reassure Wes.

9:05-9:10 Load various bags (laptop, breast pump), make bottles, provide tour of refrigerator. Feel guilt about lack of food selection. Feel like antagonist in "Nanny Diaries".

9:15 Leave for school.

9:45-10:30 Arrive at office. Check email, brainstorm ideas for paper, write two pages of notes, get nowhere. Go to library website to search for papers relevant to my ideas. Print paper to read. There are a lot of equations. Not my favorite.

10:30-12:05 Read mathy-hard paper. Wake self up repeatedly. Stretch a lot. Remind self to bring coffee next time. Resist urge to login to Facebook approximately twenty-million times.

12:06 OK one little peek.

12:15 Walk to dining hall. Gorge self on $4 all you can eat buffet.

12:30 Return to office, purloined cookies and tea in hand. Return to boring paper. Finish it to satisfaction, write down several more questions.

12:45-2:00 Search for more relevant work. Read some. Print some. Feel like kind of a badass when department chair finds one of the papers on the printer and knows it's mine because it says something about velocity spectra in the title.

2:00 Realize I've forgotten to schedule thank-you lunch with administrator who helped me with the proposal. Send effusive apology email to set up a time. Wonder who thinks I'm more flaky, this administrator, the boys' preschool teachers, or my mom.

2:05-2:30 Research jobs in parts of the country where it's not a hundred degrees in May. Weigh potential for lake-effect snow against sweltering late-spring weather.

2:30 Check 7-day forecast for any mention of rain. Stew.

2:30-3:30 More brainstorming and summarizing old notes (older than Wes old) for potential new paper. Some staring off into space. Some blog reading followed by some self-chastisement.

3:30 Leave for home.

4:00 Arrive just in time for Wild Kratts. Listen to rundown of boys' happy day. Playing with the hose, Playdoh, coloring, a movie, naps. Sounds like a great day. Note evidence of origami-making on kitchen table. I love our babysitter. Fold laundry, straighten kitchen.

4:30 Wake Wes up from three hour nap. Put everyone in car. Leave for Ryan's office.

5:00 YAY Papa's back! It's the weekend!! Charlie is asleep. Oh crap.

5:30 Return home, put Charlie in bed for the night (?). Warm up some leftovers for Ryan and Wes. Open some leftover pasta salad and make a piece of toast for myself. Mix some oatmeal and banana for James.

6:00-6:30 Ryan puts Wes to bed. Give James a bath. Dress him in jammies. Nurse him to sleep. Fall asleep in chair. Wake up, put him in bed. Perform vital sign check of still-sleeping Charlie. Head downstairs.

6:30-9:30 Sit around reflecting how tired I am and promising myself I'll go to bed soon. Eat multiple slices of coconut cream pie (homemade by Ryan). Watch Dateline with Ryan. Realize how lame a Friday night this is somewhere in the back of my mind. Am too tired to care.

9:30-10:30 Read Bossypants and fall asleep.


Chiconky said...

You will definitely appreciate that you did this in a few years. I'm always so impressed by how organized you are. And I can't even guess what "velocity spectra" is, so you're totally a badass.

AJU5's Mom said...

That does sound like a great babysitter! I should write down a schedule sometime, but I am not good a keeping up with the details from about 8am until 7pm most days (i.e. after morning shows until calming down time).

Brooke said...

I laughed out loud about you being the antagonist in "Nanny Diaries." Sounds like an exhausting day. But you had breakfast with firemen (sort of) AND got some research done, so that's a win.

Sarah said...

You are so not Mrs. X.

I can't do this exercise because I would have to confront all of the times I eat in a day.

Rima said...

Holy wow, girlfriend! I was exhausted just reading this :)

Kim said...

What a great idea for a post! I have been thinking lately that there are so many small details about my life and the kids' lives currently that I will likely forget in the future. This is a good way to hedge against that!

Your telling of your day is too funny -- and you are a superhero, in case you didn't know! :)

Marianne said...

I can totally relate to this day (minus the biggest boy). But, I know I keep telling you this, YOU ARE AMAZING!

Snarky Mommy said...

I loooove me some timeline posts. I am totally doing one this week!

Origami -- snort. I can't even imagine.

Kyla said...

I'm proud of you for temporarily resisting the siren call of FB...I can rarely manage the same!

You have a $4 buffet at your school?! Lucky. We have some decent places, but no buffet and some days I would really like an affordable way to stuff my face. LOL!

If we do anything more than watch TV on a Friday night, I require a 4th cup of coffee. Parenthood is exhausting!

WhitMc said...

Love it--my favorite part is the tour of the refrigerator...I can totally relate. "There's applesauce...but that's almost out...and, um. Well, puffs?" I actually did a timeline post over the weekend as well, and was directed to your post via Snarky Mommy this morning!