Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day in the Life: Home Day Edition

Still waiting for a "normal" home day to tell you about, but I don't think we'll have one of those until school starts up again in September! I didn't work today, though, so here's what a typical home day looks like for us.

6:35 Ryan in shower, I'm half asleep half fretting about all I have to do before leaving for our fun pool day today.

6:45 Wes manages to escape child-proofed room and climbs onto Ryan's side of the bed, demanding "cubbers" (covers) and proudly telling me that he didn't bother Charlie, who is still asleep.

6:50 James begins squawking over the monitor. Go get him (happy smiles and laughing!) and bring him back to bed to eat, noting with pleasure that I haven't seen him since I laid him down to sleep at 7:00 the night before!

7:10 Leave James in bouncer in bathroom where Ryan is getting ready, take other kids downstairs for bananas.

7:15 Start coffee and sit down with laptop to get directions to friend's neighborhood pool.

7:16 Remind Wes to get back in his seat.

7:17 Remind Wes to get back in his seat

7:18 Tell Charlie to get back to his seat

7:20 Finish directions. Sit on floor with Ryan sunscreening the children and changing diapers.

7:40 Pack pool bag -- towels, snacks, James's swimming clothes, Wes's floaties, travel mug of coffee

7:45 My sunscreen and swimsuit, coverup and shoes

8:00 Into the car!

8:35 Arrive at pool easily thanks to great directions from friend. Huge hug for my friend who I haven't seen in a very long time

8:40 Get two whole families of small boys down to pool deck from cars. Realize I've left the swim rings in the car. Leave kids sitting in the shade with friend, use voice-of-sternness to ensure they listen to friend and don't move while I am gone, back to car.

8:45 Change James into swimsuit. Remember belatedly to take off my coverup and shoes before getting into the pool.

8:50 Everyone in the pool, finally!

8:50-9:45 Relax beside pool with friend, pass James back and forth, occasionally dash into water to push Wes back towards the steps (he can float in his vest, but prefers to touch bottom)

9:45 Massive Wes tantrum, stay calm and leave him flailing facedown on pool deck. Awesome friend laughs with me and gestures at her youngest (now six), "that was him! I totally get it!" Feel wave of warm appreciation for my more experienced friend.

10:00 Pool snack time for everyone, crackers and grapes all around (milk for James). Schlep everyone to the bathroom.

10:10 Back in the pool! Friend's oldest son arrives from swim practice. He is twelve. Charlie is awestruck.

10:10-11:45 Oversee massive pool-noodle battle between all five boys. It's hilarious and Charlie and Wes are so happy. Feel so lucky to be here watching them play. Rethink plan to get full-time job in five years (I start obsessing five years out, don't you?)

11:45-12:00 Get everyone dressed and back into the car (get in your seat, get in your seat, get in your seat, get in your seat), leave for home. Hope everyone falls asleep by the time I pass that cupcake stand I saw on the way in.

12:15 Pass cupcake stand. Charlie and Wes still going strong. Damn.

12:30 Drive through Schlotzky's, cheese originals, cookies, and lemonade for everyone!

12:45-1:15 Arrive at home, put sleeping Wes in bed. Let Charlie eat Wes's rejected sandwich. Set Charlie up on the couch with a quilt and airplane movie. Read blogs, eat cookies. Feed James.

1:15 Fold load of laundry

1:30 Start a new load of laundry. Note that I don't have a full load to wash owing to my recent effort to do laundry every day. Woot!

1:40 Hang up all swimsuits so they are ready for swimming with my niece this afternoon.

1:45 Sweep kitchen floor, marvel at quantity of messy crumbs produced by children

1:50 Change James, put down for nap

And here's how I project the rest of the day will go...

3:00 Wes up from his nap, have a snack to compensate for rejected lunch

3:15 Start getting everyone in car to head to sister's house

3:30 Start backing out of garage, realize I forgot swimsuits drying on porch, go back in.

3:35 On the road.

4:00 Arrive at sister's

4:00-5:30 Kids play in wading pool. Break up lots of fights related to child to noodle ratio. Remind Charlie repeatedly that he's the big kid and needs to calm the heck down before someone gets hurt.

5:30 Eat dinner outside

6:00 Ryan arrives, children will either fling themselves at him joyfully or melt down in exhausted overwhelm, coin toss!!

6:45 Leave for home in midst of epic, multi-child meltdown

(Wow, I sound awfully pessimistic about this afternoon, don't I? Let's hope I'm happily surprised)

7:05 Get James in jammies, nurse him to sleep

7:30 Help Ryan finish up big boy bedtime

8:00 Sit on couch with Ryan, watch mindless entertainment.

9:00-11:00 Turn off TV, talk about the day. Watch Daily Show online. Talk about vacation plans and wish it was here already. Practice guitar together.

11:15 Fall asleep reading in bed


Sarah said...

Yay for laundry everyday!

Dr. Maureen said...

Hey, do you want to try again for some sort of meetup? I'm assuming here that you are going on your usual vacation and will be traveling through my area? Perhaps we could manage a dual-family lunch without anyone's kids throwing up and ruining all the plans. Also: I won't have PPD and will be more fun to talk to than last time.

Kyla said...

I only have 2 kids, one of which is mostly self-sufficient and I don't have the stamina to handle 2 separate water outings in one day! I'd probably be tantrumming alongside the kids!

sarah said...

i love that you practice guitar together. that's sweet!