Monday, May 16, 2011

Tourists in our own town

Ryan had to work Saturday, so he took today off. We told the boys we were going to go out for breakfast then surprised them by driving to the train station so we could ride downtown for the day. There was lots of excitement all around.


The train ride was lots of fun, but we were ready to stretch our legs by the end. Fortunately we had kind of a long-ish walk to the brunch place I chose. Charlie was so disappointed that everyone had their blinds closed in this apartment building. Let's face it, so was I. I'm so curious about how the cooler half lives!


Then we ate pancakes (boys), French toast (me), and breakfast tacos (Ryan) OUTSIDE! People were eating with their dogs!! A bird stole a huge bite of pancake right off of Wes's fork!


Ryan held James up like Flat Stanley. This picture makes me want a cup of coffee. And a snuggly baby (he's asleep right now). And a good book and about two hours of free time. That place was nice.


We call Ryan "The Double Stroller".


We walked to the State Capital and I fed James while the boys had the run of the place. No squirrel or bird (or congressional staffer trying to enjoy their lunch hour) was safe from the screamy brothers.


Then, because it is a perfectly normal thing perfectly normal people do with their three small children, we spent some time watching the proceedings of both the House and the Senate. Charlie and I were fascinated. Wes and James had to be removed because James was overtired and Wes refused to put his shoes and socks back on.


We stopped for the obligatory rotunda picture on the way out. A tour group of nuns thought we were very funny.


We had a snack lunch in the Congressional Cafeteria where we stood out like really loud, messy sore thumbs, then tried to get a nice family picture in front of the statehouse, which was kind of the last straw for my patience and the kids' willingness to follow directions. Made for some really hilarious pictures, though. I especially like the way you can't see Wes behind James. They also wear the same size clothes!


Wes didn't last much longer than that. He woke up when it was almost time to get back on the train.



Kim said...

What a fun day -- Ryan is totally amazing for being able to carry one in the Ergo and a big boy on his shoulders!! I love the pictures in front of the capital, what a great idea to put James in the stroller with Wes! And sometimes outtakes are the best pictures! ;)

Sarah said...


We used to love to take the boys to the capitol until our crazy dictator governor shut it down to the public against curt order.

Leslie said...

You guys are awesome, I can't wait to have a play date with you. Also, James is an adorable little muffin. Also, I love the "double stroller" Also...Ok, I should get back to work.

sarah said...

LOVE IT! That picture of James as Flat Stanley is priceless! Sounds like such a fun day!!!