Friday, May 6, 2011

Messy Happy

Usually clutter and chaos drives me crazy. You can imagine how much time I spend frustrated with the chaos given the current state of things. I'm told it won't get better until James goes to college, so I'm trying to prioritize and clean up as we go and it's helping, even though that whole shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing analogy still applies. Big time.

But this morning I walked into my messy living room and just felt content and happy.

When we bought this house we knew we needed one big room for all of us to do things together. I used to think an "adult house" needed a living room and a family room, but this house just had one living room (and a small playroom that is more often used for toy storage because everyone likes the living room so damn much) and we fell in love with it and it's been perfect.

This morning the coffee table was used as my office, with my grading and proposal budget still spread out where I left them late last night. They shared the table with Ryan's and my dishes from dinner last night where we ate in front of The Office and 30 Rock, one of our favorite weekly rituals.

There are clothes all over the place, left behind after hasty mid-day clothing changes, which are now more frequent now that Charlie can turn on the sprinkler for himself.

I realize this is not *that* bad. Which might be contributing to my shiny happy feelings today. Or maybe it's because I slept for six and a half continuous hours last night.

One of the protective pads from the dining room table houses the Island of Sodor and many happy afternoons of civil engineering (and violent property disputes).

The couch is a bookshelf, bed, and jungle gym (STOP DOING THAT TO THE COUCH! GO OUTSIDE IF YOU WANT TO CLIMB SOMETHING!).

Today I understand the empty nesters who have told me I'll miss the messy house. I just wanted to get this down as a reminder for the next time I feel like greeting Ryan home from work with "Sorry the house is such a hellhole." I don't think he even notices.


Melody said...

A friend refused to wash the fingerprints left by her two-year-old grandson on the sliding glass door. She left them framed by clean glass as a reminder of his visit. There is a mess-age in each mess!

Kim said...

I love this post Becca! Just the other day I was crabby because there is always a pile of toys on my kitchen table, and it makes cleaning up really difficult since I have to balance Lightning McQueen and crew or a collection of mini zoo animals. But then I realized that I will likely miss this soon since the kids will outgrow "needing" a pile of toys while they eat!

I like your Island of Sodor -- the property disputes description was hilarious! We haven't hit property disputes yet, but whenever trains are being played, there are lots of "MOM, (train du jour) IS BEING CHEEKY!"

Sarah said...

An excellent use for table pads. Mine are in the basement getting dusty, and my table is scratched all to hell.

Bridget McCarthy said...

Isn't it a great feeling when the mess doesn't bother you? (I do think it's linked to the sleep. Isn't sleep GREAT when you get it??)

Bonnie Y said...

You wouldn't believe how messy our place is! We call Victoria every time we have an imminent guest (not too often.) Otherwise, the two of us (on either side of 70) has our own stacks of books that we're reading or intend to read, as well as shoes, calculators, whatever, all around us. We hardly ever have guests, so what's the sense of putting things away?
So it won't necessarily get better when James is off to college. But then you might have been trained to be a better housekeeper than I was!

Kyla said...

My house descended in to epic frat house level messiness this week. 2 fulltime parent students with finals + 2 kids who think the living room is their laundry hamper and can't seem to keep their faces over the table when they eat = MESS.

AJU5's Mom said...

"Luckily" my husband hates a messy house and insists on us cleaning it every couple of days - at least cleaning the toys, etc up. But, I don't mind it too much as long as I am not stepping on things right and left. It is just part of being a parent I think...

Candy said...

Hi Becc-
I love Melody's comment! That is a cool expression. And Yay for enough sleep, may you have many more good-nights!! Hugs from us.