Friday, May 27, 2011

Good Friends

Before I tell you how awesome my friend Abby is, let me catch you up on the details of my week.


I am now to the point where I am referring to it simply as "my project" so sick am I of hearing myself talk about the freaking proposal proposal proposal PROPOSAL GAH!

Anywhoo. It's all I did this week, my project. The kids watched a lot of TV, I didn't sleep much, I was a big huge melodramatic grouch, it was an awful lot like the last weeks of my dissertation, actually. The feces really hit the fan yesterday when we finally got the revised budget from our collaborator to learn that we needed to magically create an extra twenty-four thousand dollars somehow. That was yesterday around 3:00. I was scheduled to go to another town to visit my friend Abby today. So I fired up PBS Kids again and settled in to remove what turned out to be an entire YEAR of activities from my project, then turned back in around 5:00. It was still not done.

So Ryan and I made a plan. After confirming that I wouldn't need to be on campus to finish everything up, Ryan took copies of all my files with him to work and monitored my email while I drove to the other town with the kids. If an email came about the proposal he called me and read me the email, and then I told him how to fix it and "wrote" a reply, over the phone. Smart phone, schmart phone.

We fixed a couple of items this way (there were many, MANY items) then I stopped in a McDonalds parking lot to steal their Wifi and nurse James while I made budget edits on my computer on the passenger seat. I sent off the last email with seconds to spare before my battery died.

Whoever coined the term "I am woman, hear me roar" must have tried to work on a tight deadline in a hot minivan with two rambunctious boys in back while nursing a baby. Because there was roaring. And not the empowering kind.

Ryan called thirty minutes later to tell me there was ONE LAST QUESTION. OF COURSE.

So this is the part where my friend Abby is awesome. She met me in the driveway of her dad's house and gave me a huge hug and then got Wes out of the car for me. After I'd lugged everybody and everything inside, she handed me a margarita and the password for the house wifi and took the boys off to the porch for a snack. I changed the ONE LAST THING and sent it off then joined everyone for a delicious lunch.

And then it was time for some SERIOUS relaxing.






Five sweet little boys, a pool just their size, endless chips and guacamole, strawberries, and, lemonade. Old friends and a shady porch. The perfect end to a very difficult week.

(And yes, the project is now in the hands of the NSF, eek!)


Sarah said...

Yay! Congrats on submitting your proposal!! Have a good weekend.

Alyssa said...

Fingers crossed for your project! Glad you were able to relax afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

We had soooo much fun! :) --abby

Lemonpuss said...

You get kudos on so many levels, not the least of which is letting your friend help you when you needed it. May the summer ease up now, and the boys let you sleep in frequently (I'm shaking my head ruefully, knowing how unlikely it is that 3 kids all behave at the same time.)

Those grants are always a bear to get out. Fingers crossed for you being awarded all you wanted!

Kyla said...

You did it!!! That was well-deserved relaxation!