Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You would think I had figured this out by now

It's been a magical special kind of week around here.

After two long, LONG nights of fussy James and cough-y, fever-y Wes and manic, crazy man Charlie, we were both completely wrecked last night. As usual, James woke to eat around three and I went to get him. How I manage to stumble to his room every night without falling down the stairs, which are right outside my bedroom door, I will never know. It's not my most coherent moment of the day. Especially on nights when I've already been awakened four times by various children and didn't fall into bed fully clothed until midnight after finishing my lecture. But somehow I made it to his room and was surprised that he started crying even louder after I had scooped him up. I was confused until I held him close to me and he kicked me in the face. Because he was upside down. I was holding him head down like some kind of terrifying infant amusement park ride.

I fed him until he was calm (also: right side up) then laid him carefully in the crib, which made him wake up angrily and begin kicking the mattress with his heels. Beyond exhausted, I went back to bed and played dumb. "I think James might be crying. I just fed him... would you mind?" Ryan stumbled down the hall to room with James and I fell back to sleep until 6:30 when James woke up A-N-G-R-Y. He fussed and cried through our entire morning "routine". He wouldn't be put down. He wouldn't take a paci. He was MAD. We had no idea why, but given the lack of sleep and the fact that I can't operate the coffeemaker one-handed, it was a bad scene.

I got a text from the babysitter after class "James is weirdly fussy today!" And when I got home she looked very harried and ran out of my house like it was on fire. Sure enough, I couldn't calm James down either and he cried until it was time to go get Charlie.

He pretty much cried until I put all the pieces together--the recent hand-mouthing, the drool soaked shirts, the sleep disruption, the terrible attitude, the nipple biting (OMG)--and thought to try giving him a little nip of Motrin. After that he ate contentedly for over an hour and fell soundly asleep. When he woke up he was back to his normal happy self.

I'm sure my HMO will be glad to learn I no longer take children to the doctor because they are teething. It only took me three kids to figure it out.


Sarah said...

Oh gosh. The teething. I think I blacked that out for survival of the species. Thanks for the reminder :). Love the upside down-- ha!

Candy said...

HA! good for you, I am glad it doesn't last too long, and I hope the next tooth goes easier.

Isn't it a miracle how nature has made new moms so resiliant that they can perform with no rest. Be careful on the road and try and get a nap in today sweetie, even your writing sounds pooped!

Sarahviz said...

I totally used teething as an excuse until each of my boyz were 2 years old. Whenever ANYTHING was wrong, it was DEFINITELY teething.

Kyla said...

The only thing that has ever been easy for Katie was teething...except the 6 year molars, those were bad mothers.

Hope you all get some sleep tonight!

Amy said...

Teething is the worst. Maeve only has six teeth so far. Sooooo, we have 14 more to go. I can't wait!

The upside down is hilarious!

Phoenix Rising said...

Teething. That just makes me want to down a shot of tequila. We just went through a round ... which then wiped the baby out completely and for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW he fell asleep around 6:30pm and woke up around 7:30pm. May there be sleep at the end of this gum-inflammed tunnel.

Lesley Davis, Esq said...

Omg with the teething. I've taken my baby (my 4th child mind you) to the doctor twice only to be told she's "just teething!" Teething is SO annoying & Macy pulls her ear so much she scratches it & then makes it bleed. You'd like after 4 kids & a law degree I wouldn't be such a dumb ass but you'd be wrong.

Love that you picked james up upside down, hilarious!

sarah said...

Poor little guy--I could never tell when Ethan was teething. I started saying "he must be teething" when he was 4 months old and he didn't get his first tooth until he was just shy of a year. Turns out he was just a super cranky baby! LOL

Love that you picked James up upside down. You're hilarious!