Saturday, April 9, 2011

T-Ball, the cutest sport ever

I laughed when Ryan gave me the list of items I had to buy Charlie for his first t-ball game. "A belt? What kind of sport needs a belt?" I'll admit, football is my game. Not that I want one of my kids playing it. But I do like to watch it a lot more than baseball. I like lazing around in the sunshine, which is what you do at our local minor league ballpark, so that is fine, but I rarely pay much attention to the game, which Ryan finds endearing, and probably a little frustrating since he LOVES baseball.

So, though I don't particularly find baseball that interesting, I think t-ball might be the most hilariously adorable thing since the Puppy Bowl.

Here's Charlie all decked out in his uniform, including his belt (why?).


Here he is awaiting his turn at bat with the rest of the Rivercats.


Not pictured: Annoyed little brother who would rather be at the playground sitting on the grass eating raisins. Other little brother, sleeping.

The game pretty much goes like this: One kid hits the ball off the T (maybe), then fourteen kids converge on the ball, gloves flying every which way, before one emerges holding the ball over his head and jumping so the other kids can't reach it, batting kid picks a base at random and runs to it. Repeat until every kid has had a turn to hit.


A-Rod, rounding first

Here are some other pictures from totally different things that have nothing to do with t-ball.

Wes on Friday at our Friday breakfast taco spot. They have a fountain to play in. Wes loves fountains. Did anyone else notice him losing every last bit of baby? Because I didn't until I saw this picture.


James says "Those losers finally got me an infant gym and I have to share it with the big kids!" Also "Ooooh, mysterious hanging toys. I will stare at them contentedly for so long you will feel like you are neglecting me and pick me up."


And finally, while I was washing the dinner dishes I heard a scream. This is what I found when I went to check on the big kids. Strangely, no one saw how Wes got wet. Charlie was just as surprised as I was, as you can see.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me why we are going to the hospital tomorrow. The stack of diapers in our house has me depressed, but pics like this make me so excited!!! -gm

Candy said...

Holy smoke those are some adorable children. Please tell Ryan that the belt makes that outfit, and thank you for not buying Charlie a green glove like some other parent did!

Kyla said...

Haha! Love Charlie's expression in the last one.

Love the tee-ball outfit!

Leslie said...

the belt is to keep his pants up, of course!

Phoenix Rising said...

Charlie's face in the last picture MADE MY DAY!