Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Probably the most interesting sales call of Peter's day, so there's that

Today the four of us were outside on the school playground after school. I was at my usual place at the picnic table, talking shop with the other mothers while James slept in the carrier and Charlie and Wes ran and played and terrorized each other in the sand box.

I was in the middle of a deep thought about how bad I wanted an iced vanilla latte when Wes came over to sit at my feet and throw rocks at my legs.

I had just opened my mouth to reprimand Wes for the rock throwing when my phone began to ring. The caller ID indicated an unknown number from Massachusetts so as I was leading Wes through the cost-benefit analysis of continuing with the rock throwing I was answering the phone at the same time.

My mind raced through a list of potential people who might be calling me from Massachusetts as I answered and between the rock throwing, the unexpected phone call, the other people around me still talking to one another, I was totally flustered.

An unfamiliar voice asked to speak to Dr. Academomia and then I was even MORE flustered.

"This is Dr. Academomia" I replied with concern. Heads swiveled my direction and women began shuttling young children away from the area. Obviously this was very important. Also, DOCTOR? WTH?

He had just begun his introduction "This is Peter from Mathworks calling about the Matlab quote you requested..." when Wes defiantly flung a handful of rocks at my legs. Several landed in the carrier with James and I had a violent and visceral reaction to protect him that manifested himself in an angry, loud "HEY!!!!" shouted in Wes's direction, but also directly into my phone.

Oh good God.

I apologized immediately and profusely.

He laughed and said "It sounds like you have your hands full!"

"Oh, yes. My two year old is throwing rocks at me. Hahaha!"

He sympathized, "Yeah, well, my teenager throws rocks at me!"

Okey dokey!

I scooped Wes up onto my hip and discussed my Language of Technical Computing Needs with Peter, thanked him, and said goodbye. And apologized again.


Kim said...

This is hilarious. As I read this, I found myself thinking how exciting it would be to get a call from Mathworks!! Super cool!!

Chiconky said...

Love it! I was on a phone interview, talking all my good "Doctor Talk" when my 3 year old announced "MAMA!! My pants are wet!" Got the job because I was so "real" :)

Marianne said...

I had a somewhat similar experience while on a phone interview for a teaching position. Thankfully I had an in... otherwise my yelling at an ornery then 2-year-old probably wouldn't have been tolerated.

ANTM said...

Oh wow! It sounds like you handled it like a champ.

Phoenix Rising said...

Wait... so Peter's teenager throws rocks at him? Is this an isolated case? Because I have a teenager and so far it's just been a bunch of stomping, slamming doors and rolling of eyes. I can't handle rocks! You need to call him back and ask him about this right now!

Danny said...

I know that the story is set in NY, not in MA, but I can't tell you how badly I wanted you to answer the phone only to hear a voice at the other end say, "I'm comin' he-ah SEVEN YE-AHS I nev-ah seen it so icy!"

Sarah said...

LOVE this-- it's the perfect illustration of your blog's title

Kyla said...

LOL! That is awesome.