Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, now with 100% more pirates

Even though they say mythical figures like the Easter Bunny and Santa don't come when little boys don't go to sleep, the Easter Bunny risked it all and came to our house last night despite the fact that James was awake for much of the night.

He brought pirate hats for the big boys. There was much ARRRGH-ing and CAPTAIN CHARLIE! And CAPTAIN WES! And NO, I'M THE CAPTAIN! NO ME!! And then they procured James's Easter basket to use as a net to collect their GOLD (yellow Easter eggs).


James says "I swear I had a Reese Egg in here a few minutes ago. What gives?" (He's going to HARRRR-VARRRRD)


EB also brought him a toy and a shovel and a new bowl just the right size for the mashed banana he will be enjoying in a couple of months. Can't have too many shovels in this house. Also, he's a roller! Mostly back to front with the occasional front to back thrown in just to keep us guessing.


When everyone was good and sugared up, we took them to church and made them sit quietly for an hour. It was packed for the holiday and we were so lucky to be squeezed into a pew with dear friends of ours. Wes made it through half the service before being shuttled to the nursery after I wouldn't let him scribble in the attendance register and he bit me in retaliation (ARRRGH!).


After church we headed to my parents' house for a wonderful Easter dinner on the porch. We had ham, homemade mac and cheese, asparagus, Chinese coleslaw, and Peep Cupcakes. The kids had an egg hunt and scavenger hunt inside and after dinner amused themselves by practicing their casting skills off the deck with the big cousins. I think there's a Texas Country song in this somewhere. Or a Jeff Foxworthy joke.


Happy East-ARRRGGH!



Candy said...

Aaargh Mateys! I am hopin' you are havin' a very special Easter week, Aaarbeedar and Shiver Me Timbers..
As all Swabbies know who follow the Pirate code, there is to be no biting of the other people in church, especially of the female persuasion, EVEN relatives. So I guess Wes will have to brush up on his Code interpretation before next sunday!
Thinkin' of you... from Mermate Candy and Captain David

Sarah said...

Love the Easter pirates! Also love James' Easter outfit and his legs.

Jack sucked so bad at church, but he is terrified of the nursery for some reason, so at least we could keep threatening it every few minutes. Parents of the year.

Kim said...

Those pirate hats are hilarious!! I do not even want to think about how much sugar the kids ate today. I love the family picture! (I forgot to take one of all of us.)

Dr. Maureen said...


Danny said...

Yay for other parents dressing their babies in sailor suits!

sarah said...

So funny! Those are fantastic pirates and all that casting for Natty Light cans is going to come in SO handy in college!

ANTM said...

Very cute pictures! Seems like everyone had a fun time! :)

Kyla said...

Adorable Easter pirates! Does James' hair have red in it??

Rima said...

How cute! Strangely enough, we had some pirate antics at our Easter table, too. Also pole dancing, but that's another story.