Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Men on Campus

I had to run an errand on campus today and while I was sending my students an email, the boys filled in some leftover course evaluations.

Let's see, "Instructor demonstrates knowledge in course material... STRONGLY DISAGREE."

In this one you can see the sand they spilled all the heck over the place a few weeks ago.

Just wants to go see the fish tank in the biology department.

The real hit is the ramp outside the building. Once I was teaching a lab in the classroom behind those windows on the right and I could hear them laughing and shrieking outside with their babysitter.



We had a great morning scootering all over campus and drinking chocolate milk in the student union, but things took a turn for the stubborn and unruly later in the afternoon. I gave Charlie a writing assignment after he refused the help me straighten up the playroom (I wrote, he traced. It was, apparently, very, very painful, so I let him stop after "I am sorry" and signing his name).


My final is written, my proposal is with the other PI, and I have a whole weekend to get my four senior's grades done. Freedom feels GOOD. TGIF, right?


Sarah said...

LOVE this. Also love Wes' shoes and the sand on the floor--ha!

Another Sewing Scientist said...

My kids love to come into the lab with me whenever I have to set up cultures on the weekend: they get to choose purple or blue nitrile gloves to wear, they get to eat something from the vending machine, they get to run up and down the ramps.... they think my work is SO MUCH FUN! Haha.

Kyla said...

I'm jealous of you being done with the semester! I still have 2 weeks of finals, shoot me now!

Candy said...


Phoenix Rising said...

HA!! Best punishment letter ever. I am SO including that in my arsenal.

Rima said...

Your campus is so pretty! I can imagine that the boys love going there with you!

Also, I think tracing letters would be really relaxing and therapeutic. For me, anyway.

Amy said...

OMG I love the letter!