Sunday, March 13, 2011


We spent the whole weekend outside, with the exception of a couple of hours on Saturday morning when Ryan took the boys to a new restaurant near our house named simply "Donuts Tacos" and I struggled through a few papers about undergraduate engineering education. Then James and I went bra shopping (success!) and Ryan and the others went to Home Depot.

Ryan found a great deal on a compost bin, so he brought it home and we spent the rest of the weekend trying to find enough browns and greens to fill it up.

In the mean time it made a great fort.


Charlie and Wes are becoming good friends. This is possible mostly because Wes has finally acquiesced to his role as the Grasshopper in the relationship. Charlie didn't know I was watching the other day and greeted Wes with a big bear hug after his nap. Don't get me wrong, they do spend a lot of time trying to kill each other. Just now sometimes it sort of seems like they might be playing.


We've had to keep a close eye on our produce. Charlie steals anything that's not nailed down and carries it out to the compost bin. These were among the approved items, an aging mango and a rotten apple. He also tries to get the coffee grounds out of the coffeemaker before its done brewing and eats extra bananas just so he can throw the peel into the "con-post bin".

The real compost

James spent a lot of time outside too. Wes read him "Mike Mulligan".


Yes, they're both wearing jammies. Apparently when we skip church we can't even be bothered to put pants on the children. Truthfully, the only reason I got dressed was to run to Starbucks and the grocery store. Funny story about that, I wore what I call my "inappropriately short skirt". I call it that because it is inappropriately short. Thank goodness I didn't need anything on a bottom shelf. But the lady offering free beer samples at the store CARDED me, even though I had James with me. Then she might have noticed something in my eyes because she gave me this huge sample of Guinness that I couldn't finish because I don't know how long you spend at the grocery store, but I don't think it's long enough to metabolize half of a Guinness (that you had to slam right there in front of the display because you can't push the cart with one hand) and then legally drive your minivan home with your infant inside. I'll be interested to see what it does for milk production, because I really liked it and would love an excuse to buy more.


Lisa @ The Unglamorous Mommy said...

We went to the grocery store this weekend. My husband runs up to me like a little boy yelling, 'THEY ARE GIVING OUT BEER SAMPLES!!!' He wasn't this excited when our child was born... He wasn't carded. But, he also wasn't wearing his short skirt...

Kyla said...

I love March..,it is the only decent weather month in Texas! We've been outside a lot, too.

Sarah said...

WHy doesn't my grocery store serve beer samples? Love Wes's toes sticking out of the compost bin

sarah said...

I love that picture of Charlie in the compost bin--those eyes!!

I cannot believe a grocery store hands out samples of Guiness! Jealous.

I love that you have a skirt that you've identified as inappropriately short.