Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lock up your lotion

Charlie has really been taking advantage of our new supervision policy, I like to call it "don't go so far away from me that I can't hear you screaming if you get hurt," and he's been spending a lot of time up in his room "working". One week his medium of choice was tinfoil. Let me tell you, Charlie's got a future as a crazy, paranoid recluse. I was picking tinfoil out of his carpet for days.

This week has been a bit of a problem. This week he has been dabbling in cosmetics. While my parents were here for dinner he came bouncing down the stairs, his hands completely soaked in what we later determined to be my Origins ginger body lotion. Later, by methods unknown to me, Charlie and Wes both ended up with enough Origins ginger body lotion in their hair that they both resembled Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. And they smelled like a Chinese restaurant. Score!

Apparently, even though it's all natural and stuff, it cannot be washed out with anything short of a pressure washer and industrial grade carpet cleaning fluid. The good news is we've gotten Wes's cowlick under control for the first time ever! The bad news is they're going to attract ants.

The lotion was sort of amusing slash annoying (and expensive!), but this morning I was stuffing Wes into a pair of jeans when Charlie burst out into the hallway and exclaimed "WOOK AT MY FACE!" I ignored him at first and continued to dress Wes.


So I did.

Also pictured, crusty lotion hair x 2.

That there is my favorite "Pat on the Black" nail polish. Also known as "lotion with a teeny tiny paintbrush."

Ryan got it off with a baby wipe after Charlie complained that it was itching.


Rima said...

I LOVE Origins ginger body lotion! They have good taste.

Kim said...

Too funny! I am glad you got a picture of him with the nail polish on his face -- that will be well worth all the stress this phase has caused you! (We have a similar picture of my little brother and it was AWESOME when my parents busted that out when he was in high school!)

Sarah said...

I think their hair looks cool-- nice texture-- like they used hair putty :) LOVE the nail polish face-- I was going to ask you on FB how the heck you got it off.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for fixing the hair- style it pointing straight up and get them FROSTED TIPS!! YES!

lonek8 said...

I've been painting Izzy's nails since she was a baby (yes, I'm THAT mom), and one time- I think she was about 2- I handed her the bottle for a second while I did something else. of course, before I handed it to her I tightened the lid as far as possible just in case. So I did whatever it was, with my back turned of course, and when I turned around - seriously no more than a minute later - she had painted the nailpolish all over her lips like lipstick. It was even on her teeth! honestly, I don't even remember what we did to get it off - maybe just let it wear away with time because i know I wouldn't have use remover on her mouth. Good to know about the baby wipes since I have another 2 yo girl now and she knows exactly where i keep the nail polish.