Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tonight Ryan and I were sitting on our respective couches, working on work work on our respective laptops, when Ryan mused without looking up from the screen "Weren't you supposed to take muffins in for Wes's class tomorrow?"

"OH NO!"

Ryan jumped up. "Not to worry, I need to do some procrastinating!" He ran off to the kitchen and whipped up some cinnamon streudel muffins FROM SCRATCH.

While he was doing that I made the kids' lunches for tomorrow and THEN I remembered that Wes ALSO needed eight MORE Valentines to distribute among his diminutive friends. His class is different every day and he attends three days, so that's three parties. I only signed up to bring something on one day because I am a slacker. And then I almost forgot to do that one thing!

All this after I had to write in Charlie's class mascot's journal about the thrilling, educational weekend we had together (We ate at Rosa's! We got haircuts! Mama fell asleep standing up!) while sitting in the parking lot of the preschool before dropoff. Or, more accurately, DURING dropoff. Because even though we carted that bee around with us for four days, it completely slipped my mind this morning.

Have I told you how many times Wes's teacher has had to ask me for more diapers? It's shameful. And let's not talk about shot records and wellness statements, which might as well be a second dissertation as hard as it seems to be for me to get them turned in on time (or ever).

Preschool is not the only victim of my absentmindedness. I left my entire box of ungraded homework at school over the weekend and then this morning had to grade a stack of assignments WHILE I WAS PUMPING so I could hand them back today in advance of their first test on Thursday. I forgot the milk storage bags for the pump so I had to stick the whole pump into the office refrigerator while I taught then drive home holding it with my legs so it wouldn't spill (after an awkward walk from my building to my car HOLDING A FULL BREAST PUMP FOR ALL TO SEE).

I should have "I'm so sorry, I completely forgot!" tattooed on my forehead. Or get some more rest, or caffeine. Or start using my planner. Or commit to fewer things. I think the tattoo is the most likely of those scenarios to actually occur, honestly. Which is to say, it's not going to get better anytime soon.


Kim said...

Have you started repeating yourself yet? I went through an awful phase after Zoe was born where I would have the same conversation with Sam separated by only a few minutes.

I laughed out loud at the description of you grading and pumping and then getting the full pump home!! :)

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh at the pump part of the story!! Did the milk make it home?

Bridget McCarthy said...

At first I thought this was a fairy tale, what with the whole my loving husband whipped up muffins from scratch - but then I kept reading and thought, "Hey! I recognize this sleep deprived life style!" Except for the whole breast pump in the fridge story. That just KILLS me!

Rima said...

Yesterday I put my keys in the refrigerator and I don't even have a job or a baby. You're still a superstar in my book! A breastfeeding superstar!

Kyla said...

Babies steal brain cells...it has to be a fact. But they seem to regenerate about a year after giving birth. Or maybe it has to do with sleep deprivation, but I've been there!

Sarah said...

OMG the pump! I love it! Hilarious! Also, way to go Ryan on he muffins-- everyone needs a muffin recipe in their back pocket.

AJU5's Mom said...

I claim that each child takes 1/2 of what brain you currently have. That would mean you would have 1/8 of your pre-child brain left. And with that, you are doing awesome!

(Luckily God gave a huge brain so we can share so much of it with our kids... and to remember all of the things FOR the kids which is where I think so much of it goes)