Monday, February 7, 2011

Things are deteriorating around here, you might be able to tell


Good morning! Or is it afternoon? It's so hard to tell with my party-till-the-sun-comes-up lifestyle. I'm supposed to be watching Curious George with the big boys, but I cannot control my eyelids. Or maybe I am just exhausted from waking up forty-seven times last night. Mom got the big mug out when she poured the coffee this morning. That's never a good sign.


UGH! Why is that sun so bright?! What time is it anyway?!


Hey, check out my teeny little T-Rex arms. I can't even touch the top of my own head!


Wait, I smell food. Where is it?




Oh darn, there go my eyelids again.


I promise to try and come up with a normal post soon. Maybe. It might have to be about The Earth's Tectonic Plates or something though. Send help!


Rima said...

You still have your sense of humor!

(hope things get better soon. James rocks the stripey outfit, though.)

Amy said...

I love the T-Rex arms! Too funny.

Dude, feel your pain right now. I was just reading some of my archives from when Maeve was this age. Holy shit, how do any of us survive it?

It gets better in about a month or two. Hopefully. Maybe?

Alyssa said...

LOL!! I love how baby arms are too short to touch the top of their heads, but when they spread them out wide they have a wing span of an albatross.

sarah said...

T-Rex arms! LOL Deep breaths, mama!!!

Ethan had that same stripey outfit. Sigh.

Sarah said...

He is so, so, so cute!

If you could just spend some time lying to me and telling me how effortless it all is, that would be AWESOME. Also? Can you lie really convincingly?

Chiconky said...

I love that point when you're so sleep deprived that you get super punchy. Okay, maybe I don't love it, but it definately makes things more entertaining. Hang in there. It gets better. Or it doesn't but we forget how "normal" feels. I'm really not sure which. Enjoy your coffee.

I LOVE the sun picture, though my new favorite description is "tiny T-Rex arms"

Kyla said...

Hang in there!!