Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the really cool thing is the groceries stay fresh in the car for DAYS

I'm going to very uncharacteristically not complain about the absolutely ridiculously cold (for Texas) weather we've had over the last couple of days because I have faithful readers who are enduring the Blizzard of the Century up in almost-Canada.

But WOW. Three years in South and I have totally forgotten how to deal with temperatures in the teens. I had to put my coat on to drive to work today, you guys. And my car was parked IN THE GARAGE. Which might explain why I had to actually wear long pants to bed in my bedroom, which is directly above the garage.

James has not left the house in forty-eight hours, preferring to loll the day away layered in jammies and a sleep sack while his minions (Ryan and me) come and go and do what we have to to sustain the household.

AND THEN! THEN! The state freaked out because everyone fired up their heaters at the same time and so now we are having rolling blackouts. Which means they CLOSED the PRESCHOOL. It's like Little House on the Prairie around here.

(It was really cute on Tuesday when I took the big boys to school and they ran squealing and laughing about the FREEZING WIND all the way from the car to building, bundled in their L.L. Bean Three Season (one of those seasons NOT being a New England winter, which is what we are experiencing this week, so I hope they were warm enough) coats, fleece hats, one of my moody-academic scarves, and a scarf we took off of a stuffed animal. Running and screaming in delight. It was adorable. And the fastest we have ever gotten from the car to the building, EVER. But we didn't get to do that again. You know why? They CLOSED the PRESCHOOL. You know what would save some electricity? If they opened the preschool so everyone could TURN OFF THEIR TV'S.)

Like I said, I'm not complaining (kind of complaining about the no preschool thing, although Ryan had already planned to be home yesterday morning and the babysitter has them today, so it hasn't really affected me). I'm kind of in awe of just how cold it can get here. We have a chance of accumulating snow tonight. If it snows Charlie is going to LOSE his MIND and I am going to spend way more time than I want to standing on the back porch in my pajamas and coat tomorrow.

But as they said on NPR the other day "Artisinal cheeses are like Texas weather, just when you think you know what to expect, it changes!" (Schweddy Balls, anyone?) The high on Saturday is supposed to be in the low fifties. I might just go swimming!


Sarah said...

The title of this post made me laugh because one thing I love about the colder months (all 7 of them) is that we can go to Target, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods all in a row without stopping at home to unload any perishables.

sarah said...

I miss being able to leave my groceries in the trunk of the car for hours at a time before getting them home to the fridge!

I have to admit, as a former New Englander, when it gets down to the low 50's here, I am complaining about the cold. Embarrassing, but true.

kamagra said...

Lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's not a New England winter. We've had 70.7" of snow so far this year (and the average is 41"). You haven't had a New England winter until you hvae slogged through a two foot high grey and black snow bank to shovel out your car, while dodging 5" deep slushy puddles that have collected in potholes. Glad you are enjoying it though.

Becca said...

@Anon, I was referring to the temperatures we were having, which were in the teens and twenties, not the precipitation.

Kyla said...

We had the same experience...except mine included me running around town, desperately searching for "winter" clothes on Wednesday night. I love the cold, though....just wish it had come with snow for us.