Thursday, January 20, 2011

Overheard in the Minivan, 8:45 this morning

Charlie: "Why do socks taste bad?"

Me: "Um, because they're meant for feet and not for mouths?"

Charlie: "Grandma said we're going to eat SOCKS and UNDERPANTS for dessert!!"

Wes: "SOCKS, UNNA-PANS, Mama!" (has no idea what unna-pans are)

Charlie: "SOCKS! And UNDERPANTS!!" (riotous laughter all around, Charlie is almost hyperventilating)

Me: "I don't remember Grandma saying that."

Charlie: "I'm gonna eat UNDERPANTS!" (funniest thing, EVER)

Wes: "UNNA-PANS, Mama! UNNA-PANS!!" (still, funniest thing EVAH)

Me: "Oh, you guys are so goofy! Underpants are for bottoms. We don't EAT them!"

Charlie: "No, I want to eat HAIR. HAIR is YUMMY to me, Mama!"


Charlie: "I LIKE TO EAT HAIR!"


Sonja said...

He may not know what they are, but Wes is right that UNNA-PANTS are indeed the height of hilarity.

He might enjoy the following, courtesy of the five year old that I recently nannied for:

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"An apple."
"An apple who?"

(cue riotous laughter from joke teller.)

Hanah said...

Eating hair is a very bad idea. Trust me-circa-age-9 on this.

Kyla said...

It IS funny!

Two nights ago we had dinner at the ILs and they have a dry erase board in the kitchen. KayTar was doodling and wrote "I love Bu" and everyone said "Awww." thinking she was going to write "BubTar"...but she finished the word and it was "BUTTS." Man, you should have heard the laughter at the dinner table...and she just! Potty humor never dies.

Sarah said...

LOL-- love the eating hair-- very silly.