Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh my head

I noticed something troubling with James recently. Whenever I have my special treat for emergencies only (emergencies being plumbing disasters caused by children, bodily harm caused by children, TV malfunctions, times I have to talk to computers on the phone, and weekdays) afternoon cup of coffee, James turns into a little stressball. Instead of his normally easygoing demeanor, he becomes wide-eyed and tense and has trouble settling down to nurse.

He has even more trouble settling down to sleep, which we all know is the real problem since I am relying on him continuing to sleep twenty-two hours a day to get things done around here. Like sit on the couch with my mouth open while the big kids watch Martha Speaks.

I reasoned that he was having a growth spurt that would pass in a few days. Let's not get hasty with the elimination diets. But it didn't get better. So I tried sticking to my morning single cup of coffee (that I never get to finish when it's still hot and usually leave lying around somewhere low for the kids to spill). And, not surprisingly, James seemed to feel calmer.

So I went to Costco and bought a big canister of formula and some more coffee. Just kidding. We are too cheap to do that.

Yesterday was the first day of the detox. I had half a cup of coffee in the morning and NOTHING ELSE ALL DAY LONG. James's mood was remarkably improved. I, on the other hand, got so agitated by one of the kids' noise-making toys that I told him he could either go play with it in the closet or put it on top of the refrigerator for the remainder of the month. In a not-exactly loving tone. Right in front of my dad, who had come over to visit.

Today is day two, and I would like you to know that the effects of caffeine withdrawal are cumulative. Which I think is why it feels like the backs of my eyes are having a fight with my brain. Unless I am having an aneurysm.

I'm hoping to feel like myself by Day 3. Otherwise I'll take James with me to Starbucks and buy him his very own grande drip with skim so he can learn to love coffee too.


Katie said...

Oh nooooooooo... Maybe you can try to gradually introduce him to coffee and stick to half caff for a while. ;-)

Bridget McCarthy said...

Hang in there! It gets better. Really. Those people on Intervention seem markedly improved in 90 days time....

Sarah said...


I, too, have a single cup of (half caf) coffee. All day long.

3 things that help me avoid homicide:

1. A cup of fancy decaf from my favorite coffee shop in the afternoon (I swear it's so good, I get a buzz).
2. A third-to-a-half a can of Diet Pepsi around 2pm. I HATE that I am drinking all those chemicals, but the whole can only has 35 mg of caffeine, so the 18 or so mg I ingest are just a blip. An energizing blip.
3. An apple. It is the perfect pick-me-up, I swear (although I realize that's the kind of assvice that begs for a punch in the face, but still. It works.)

Marianne said...

gah... good luck, Becca.

I gave up real coffee when I was pregnant with Nathan and have been a decaf drinker ever since. But, I developed a slight coffee aversion while I was pregnant this time... so, thankfully, I'm not worrying about it. But, I have noticed that my cute baby doesn't like something in my diet. I hope it's not pancakes, since they're my reason for crawling out of bed. :)

I do hope your head gets better. :(

Rima said...

Dude. I'm really sorry. But the half-caff idea is not bad.

Rima said...

You know what I just thought of? Screw the apple (sorry Sarah!) - you should try the honey lemon ginger tea I posted about! It is very energizing :)

Kim said...

I hope James' sensitivity is temporary!! Zoe was sensitive to eggs for about 3 months but then outgrew it.

I have heard Starbucks has the "most caffeinated" decaf, so maybe you could start there for your afternoon cup to help with the headaches.

Hang in there! :)

Kyla said...

Have you tried the half caffeinated kind?

Sounds like a nightmare...I am non-functional without coffee!