Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Last Hurrah

The night before Wes was born we took Charlie out for dinner and then walked around an outdoor mall listening to live music and enjoying the warm night. When I found myself in labor the next morning we joked that it had been our "Last Hurrah" before Wes was born. And it was the last thing we did for a long time that felt that relaxed. Wes was a unique newborn. I hope.

Today both kids took long, late naps so it was the perfect chance for a Last pre-Taco Hurrah.

When you let the kids pick the restaurant you go to Freddy's for hamburgers and chocolate milk. Ryan and I miscommunicated the order because Charlie was yelling about having to go potty RIGHT NOW BEFORE WE ORDER BECAUSE I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG so Wes ended up with a burger instead of chicken nuggets and to my surprise he ate almost the whole thing, mustard, pickles and all.


After dinner it was time for Stupid Human Tricks. Charlie is the master of sucking bits of french fry through a straw. The best part is that it doesn't look at all like he's doing lines of cocaine off the table. We're so proud.


Then Wes joined in and it all became a little too Animal House for my sensibilities, so we loaded everyone back into the Swagger Wagon to go check out a tasteful little Christmas light display that someone in a neighboring town sets up at his house every year.


They put on a whole show set to music and the trees flash and blink along with the songs, which you can play on your car's radio. Ryan-the-Electrical-Engineer always chatters the whole way home about how he could do something similar at our house. Charlie asked him to do just that tomorrow while he is at preschool.

The boys loved it and we stayed through several shows. Wes watched with rapt attention, occasionally shrieking "WOOK at DAT!!" or "COOOOOOOOL!!" Initially uninterested, Charlie passed the time by yelling non sequiturs out the window at passers-by. My favorite was when two teenaged girls walked by and Charlie yelled "We can open our doors from the inside!" Fortunately, the magic was enough to win over even a too-cool four-year-old after the first show.



sarah said...

omg, hilarious! We've got a few houses like that in our neighborhood, too, piped through the radio station and all. LOL @ "swagger wagon" love it!

Am so looking forward to Taco's arrival!!

Nora said...

I was wondering how that 5 pm nap wake up wld play out - this is brilliance. My kids wld love a light show - hard to find around here.

Sarah said...

OMG the lights! LOL @ "unique newborn." That was Jack, too!

A. said...

I love that you call the minivan Swagger Wagon! I hope that truly was the Last Hurrah, and that the newest member of your family arrives safe and soon :-).

Marianne said...


I'm glad you're still feeling well. I hope everything goes well!

If it is ever above 10 degrees again, we hope to take Nathan to the Zoo Lights... IF.

Kyla said...

Did Wes suddenly age? He looks like a total big guy in that first photo!

I hope things start progressing for you soon. Waiting is torture, but then again, so is labor. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking regularly for news of the newest family member to make his arrival. We're SOOO excited! The kids can't wait to see pictures! And Charlie has been researching Christmas lights for next year...he's very serious about this! I'm a little scared. Tell Ryan to beware!