Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Charlie has been begging to dress up like a beautiful angel for the outdoor church Christmas pageant (with REAL! ANIMALS!) for several days. I'm so glad we made it again this year (Even though, you know.).

The pictures never disappoint:


(I kind of love that Wes had to wear his wings like a backpack)

(Wes handed me his halo halfway through the show and and said "All done, Mama, want cookie now." Because naturally, they had been thoroughly bribed to ensure good behavior.)

I also dressed up like an angel because someone had to facilitate this magical experience and Ryan wanted to be a shepherd. I made a very round angel. People laughed involuntarily when they saw me.


Sarah said...

I bet you were a lovely angel-- and I love the backpack wings.

Janet said...

You should have been the Virgin Mary!

Kyla said...

Such adorable little angels!

LL said...

Adorable!! What a classic picture - brings back fond memories of my childhood :)

sarah said...

so cute!

AJU5's Mom said...

No pictures of all THREE angels?
Oh, and the bribery - totally understand it!