Monday, November 15, 2010

A world of your imagination

The boys and I were on our way home from a birthday party last night when I heard a POP followed by the sound of chocolate candy rain exploding all over the car. Then Charlie laughing so hard he could barely breathe.

And then, oh no, crunching. Nothing but crunching.

Oh jeepers.

"Charlie?" I asked tentatively "What was that noise?"

"Wes's bag got a HOLE!" more hysterical laughing.

They had been possessively clutching their goodie bags when we left the party and I was too exhausted to insist the candy ride in the front seat with me. I foolishly let them ride the twenty minutes home with only a thin piece of plastic between their hot little hands and approximately twelve servings of M&Ms.

Crunch crunch crunch.

I evaluated my options. We were flying down the highway at sixty miles per hour in twilight. Not a great time to pull over. I blindly reached one arm behind me and felt around until I hit paydirt. When I jammed my hand between Wes's leg and the side of his carseat and came up with an entire handful of candy. The crunching continued, so I did it again, filling my cup holder with enough sugar to propel Wes into the magnetosphere half an hour before bedtime.

Charlie was hooting hysterically and I heard the distinctive ping ping ping of M&Ms popping out of a goodie bag.

"NOW MY BAG HAS A HOLE TOO!!!" Charlie was alive with nervous excitement.

I peeked over my shoulder as I slowed to turn onto another road. It was like Willy Wonka's magical factory in my back seat.

Captain Obvious shrieked "IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE IN HERE!!"

Wes crunch crunch crunched. Charlie laughed maniacally.

We were now driving down a four lane highway with no median in near darkness. There was no place to pull over. I was tired. The situation WAS kind of funny. Especially since I had no idea if we had anything at home for dinner. Why not M&Ms?

I gave up.

All three of us crunched our way home. Wes from his car seat, Charlie from his goodie bag, and me from my cupholder. We were giggling like a trio of potheads when Ryan came out to greet us in the driveway.


LL said...

I love this. You're an awesome mom :) I think you made exactly the right call in the situation.

Sarah said...

This is my true MOTY coming out, but I always let them eat goodie bag candy in the car. It wouldn't occur to me NOT to let them in fact.

Bridget McCarthy said...

It's exactly what I would've done! Well, I might have reached back for another helping....

Rima said...

I bet those are the kind of moments they'll remember!

AJU5's Mom said...

Oh my. I bet you will be considering hiding all treat bags until they get home from now on...

Kyla said...

How fun! Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

sarah said...

haha!!! such a fun post; Halloween was quite the bonding experience for Ethan and me--there was a lot of candy eating in our car last month.