Thursday, November 4, 2010

Veni Veni Adventus

I have a secret.

No, I do not come home from preschool dropoff, strip down to nothing and clean my house like that lady on Oprah we talked about at Girls' Game Night last week. She's crazy. Or maybe she just lives in Texas and can't stand sweating in her own house. Trust me, I've been known to sit on the couch with my shirt pulled up so my belly could get some freaking air from time to time, but fortunately our overnight lows have been in the forties and I think we're done with that for a little while.

My secret is different. But it does involve preschool dropoff.

After I drop my kids off into their world of Pilgrims and Native Americans and turkeys fashioned out of little tiny festively colored hand prints, I get back into my car and crank up my Kings College Christmas CD so loud it's like I'm standing right there in the cathedral with them. Possibly louder than that even, because the English, they are a reserved people.

And then I sing. Loudly. In harmony. In Latin. But since I can't harmonize and don't know Latin it comes out sounding a lot like Wes when he was singing "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen into a measuring spoon the other day. I don't care, though, because I am alone and the music (coming from the CD player, that is) is so beautiful.

I am eagerly looking forward to the season of Advent this year. More than other years, even, I am looking forward to the season of looking forward. I can't wait to get out our Advent wreath and read through the verses together as a family after dinner on Sundays before we have our special cookies and eggnog. I can't wait for the Hanging of the Greens at church, the Live Nativity and associated dressing of the children like tiny shepherds that we will undoubtedly lose track of during the performance only to find them gleefully feeding the animals in the manger. It's partly because the boys, especially Charlie, are at a new level of understanding, but mostly because through it all, our family will be anticipating the arrival of our fifth little member. The one we never expected, until one day we both just knew someone was missing. Someone who already had a name!

So I guess the early Christmas music is serving a nobler purpose than, say, Target's insistence on blasting Christmas pop music through the store the day after Halloween. Like putting all the little annoyances into perspective. Sure I don't really have any interest in eating something that's not wrapped in a tortilla, but at least I don't have to ride a donkey through the freezing desert day after day. And as painful as it was to watch the election returns on Tuesday, I think we can all agree the Tea Party is probably less scary than King Herod (probably).

Now to drum up some enthusiasm for Thanksgiving. The whole point of Advent is the sweet anticipation of Christmas, after all. I'm pretty sure "sweet anticipation" does not refer to buying eggnog while you still have your pilgrim statues out on the dining room table.


Unknown said...

I, too, cannot wait for the Christmas season to start! I told Dennis I was ready to get out the ol' Christmas tree, and I got one of those "crazy" looks. I learned a long time ago that I have to wait until Thanksgiving until I start with all of that. Can't wait to see what Santa brings you...that sweet baby! What an amazing gift. :) We are so happy for you all! Try to enjoy the last couple weeks of pregnancy! They were truly bittersweet for me. :) Take care, Jenny

Sarah said...

Oh, I love this!

I cannot wait to hit the Christmas tree farm and to see little Taco.

I took Latin in high school, and we caroled from class to class (b/c separation of church and state means little in a tiny town). Adeste fidelis laeti triumphante vinite vinite in Bethelem...

Sarah said...

that sounded weird-- not that I think taco is going to show up on a Christmas tree farm in WI-- I am excited to see PICTURES and to get a Christmas tree-- totally separate events.

Kyla said...

Yesterday after school, BubTar was doing his homework in his room while listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD. So cute!

Christmas is my favorite season!

Also, I love peppermint mocha creamer. YUM.

A. said...

I love, love, love Christmas music, especially the grand, full-orchestra-and-choir stuff. And I've already been eyeing up Advent calendars and the like. I can't even imagine the anticipation you must be feeling, with all the fun of Christmas AND a new baby just around the corner.

Amy said...

I know exactly your state of mind, as we were expecting our own baby Taco at the same time last year. And you're in luck because throwing a teeny newborn into the mix of the holidays is actually pretty easy because they sleep all the time and don't expect any presents. Well, unless you gift wrap a boob. They do like that.

sarah said...

So is it wrong that I gave the cooler case of egg nog the eyes the other day in Target? Because I really, really want the egg nog and its not even thanksgiving yet.

Like Sarah, I'm looking forward to getting my christams tree AND seeing baby Taco. As two separate events. :-)

AJU5's Mom said...

I can't wait to "meet" Taco. We have had two kids between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it is a joy. I think yours will even be more joyful because you have family in town so you aren't worried about cleaning house or anything for their arrival. Oh, and I love Christmas music, but I have a strict rule about only playing it after Thanksgiving

Brooke said...

Oh, this was just what I needed to read! Something to get me into the holiday spirit and to remind me that even if I am cumbersome and have pregnancy-related carpel tunnel and not sleeping very well, at least I'm not traveling on a donkey and having my baby in a barn. It is a beautiful time of year to be looking forward to a new baby! And there is something awe-inspiring about Latin, too.

Sonja said...

You're in good company. Every evening I hear from my husband - "Can we put up the tree yet?" "How about now? Can we put up the tree now?" "It's for the kitties! Think of the kitties! The kitties want the treeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Myself, I'll confess that I don't always skip over Christmas music that finds itself still on my iPod months later... I may or may not even put it on on purpose in April. Absolutely love it.