Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The good news is Ryan has drywall experience!

Like three weeks ago I had some friends over for dinner. One of them offered to get something out of the pantry/laundry room off of our kitchen and I almost threw my body into her path to keep her from going in there. Our laundry room STINKS. And at the time, I had no idea why. I'd washed everything, so it wasn't my original suspicion, which was a moldy, yogurt-covered dishtowel waiting to be washed. It was totally gross. And with my heightened gag reflex, I avoided going in there when possible, which wasn't very often considering we do a LOT of laundry and all of our food is stored in there.

I finally got sick of it and decided to find the smell. I emptied the trash can and found a very old stinky diaper wrapped up in a Target bag. AHA!! I carried it triumphantly out to the outside trash and threw it away. The laundry room smelled better! I was the queen of home maintenance. Nevermind that it took me two weeks to find a dirty diaper in an open trashcan in our laundry room.

The laundry room smelled better for about five days. A couple of days ago it started to stink again. It smells BAD, you guys. I keep the door closed and the fan on and carry all the laundry out to the dining room to fold it because it is GROSS.

Today, I am out of clean clothes. Mostly because I have about two shirts and one pair of pants I like to wear. So I gathered some things and was preparing to wash them when I decided to peek behind the washer and see if a dirty diaper had managed to fall behind the washing machine. I had no idea why a diaper might have been in a position to do that, but it worked before, I figured it would work again.

There was no diaper. There was water. Standing water and a bunch of partially decomposed Cheerios, lint balls, and a moldy sock.


Also, NOOOOOOO. I cannot think of a worse possible time to have a washing machine malfunction. I really can't.

As usual, my solution was to call Ryan, who had been at work for all of fifteen minutes, to complain. Like he can do anything about it. He did not like my solution of just sliding the thing out from the wall so I could dry up the water. I suggested maybe if I just kick the crap out of it and yell a lot, that might fix it, but he was dubious. He said "The good news is you can't do laundry today!" Like YAY, doing laundry is so much more of a hassle than taking two kids to Target to buy underpants for the whole family. I have never wanted to do laundry more in my life. Had I known I would be stranded with no washer today I don't think I would have used my last load to wash tablecloths and sheets.

I have a feeling this project won't be nearly as upbeat and fun as The Wall, which should be done by the weekend and, for Ryan at least, is becoming less upbeat and fun by the minute.


Kyla said...

Oh nooooo!

Kim said...

Oh my Becca!! I am so sorry about the water!! Unfortunately, we have way more experience with water than we like to admit, so if you want some advice, feel free to email me. (In addition to our flood last summer, the first apartment Sam and I lived in flooded all the time and we had to dry it / repair, etc.) I hope it's an easy fix! And that you get some mad Black Friday early deals clothes shopping!!

Steph said...

Don't you just love owning a home?

I hope it's an easy fix!

LL said...

Oh Becca! What a pain in the neck (or other, lower region)! I hope it's an easier fix than you fear and everything is back up and running in the laundry department shortly. And then I wish you a few restful weeks at home before you new baby comes!