Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Wall, Part 2

When we last spoke The Wall was just a big pile of wood nailed together across the space formerly known as the set for Hoarders: Season 4. Well now that we know the kids can sleep through all manner of hammering and sawing (and grunting and pounding) Ryan's been making great progress.

This is how it looked a few weeks ago when Ryan was finishing up the framing for the main wall.


Yes! Main wall! He's actually building three walls--a big long one and two smaller ones--because I suggested, as he and my dad were leaving for Home Depot to buy supplies, that it would be kinda great to have a linen closet out there in the hallway so we could have easy access to the twin sheets and towels should a violent stomach virus ever afflict all of the children at once. And also, it would be nice to have a master bathroom not decorated with tiny sheets adorned with insects, firetrucks, and circus animals. You know, as long as you're building things. So they came up with a really nice plan to make the closet in the hall AND a built in bookcase in Charlie's new room. I approve.

The boys signed the inside of the wall on Wes's birthday.


And Ryan finished up the drywall on that side shortly after that. Here's the same view from the top of the stairs. The two doors are just leaning on the wall there. The big door goes in that hole on the left and the closet door goes beyond that, out of the frame. I really like the new landing. I think we have a great spot for some more built in bookshelves and maybe a cabinet/bench thing. Ryan doesn't like it when I make suggestions like that while he's hefting fifty pound sheets of drywall up the stairs. We will also install a new light at the top of the stairs at some point, since we were relying on the one that's now in the room (That's a really good way to trip over a toy in the dark, almost fall down the stairs, and badly sprain your toe).


And there's my closet/Charlie's bookcase on the right. Ryan would also like me to point out his electrical handiwork down there by the floor on the right side. He had to move an outlet three inches to the right. Naturally, this required sawing a gaping hole in the wall, screwing some new two-by-fours in there, moving the outlet over, then making a new piece of drywall to put in the hole. I did not know the plan and when the boys and I returned from church and Panera this afternoon I walked up the stairs, saw the huge hole, and shrieked "HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED?!"

But now the hole is all better, as you can see, and there won't be an outlet hidden inside the wall between the closet and bookcase, so that's nice. Ryan made Charlie help and pointed out that if he and Wes were ever roughhousing and made a hole in the wall, that they would be doing a very similar job all by themselves one day. Probably while Ryan supervises and enjoys a Shiner and a Rangers game.


It's really starting to come together and someone who is not me told Charlie he would be sleeping in his new room by his birthday, which is November 2. As much as I enjoy the marriage enrichment opportunities afforded by a long-term home improvement project, that was music to my ears.


sarah said...

I'm so impressed! A man who can build a whole room???!! He's a keeper

Kyla said...

Way to go, Ryan!!

Sarah said...

So, so, so cool! I am waaay impressed.

Alyssa said...

Yay! Go Ryan!

Amy said...

Marriage-enrichment opportunities -- bwahahahaha. Been there, done that.

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Bridget McCarthy said...

Loving it! I bet the kids are excited... but not as excited as you!

AJU5's Mom said...

Ryan is doing a great job. Hopefully he can get everything taped, mudded, textured, and painted by Charlies birthday. It is definitely possible (mud and tape can take a while, but the texture and painting could be done in a day)