Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surprise Vacation

A long time ago in a galaxy far before the third trimester began I agreed to go with Ryan to a conference in a nearby city just for one night so we could take the boys to the Space Center as part of their birthday present. As the trip got closer and I got less and less comfortable and memories of Vacation Wes were burned in my mind my attitude about the trip got worse and worse. But still, SPACE CENTER! Disneyworld for my nerdy little space-loving children! So we went. I'll post more about that when I have the pictures from that day. They are in Ryan's camera, which is still at the conference with Ryan. BOOO.

I was only supposed to stay Sunday night. But after we went to the Space Center we went to the hotel, which was very fancy and had elevators that went so fast it was kinda scary. After Ryan checked in the guy saw me walk up with the kids, called Ryan back to the desk, and gave us coupons to eat breakfast at the restaurant every single day of our stay. The $22 per person breakfast FOR FREE for FOUR DAYS for all of us (and Charlie counts as two eaters these days). I'll leave it up to you to decide if it was because the kids were that cute or Ryan and I are that smokin' hot. So the next morning as I was enjoying my free coffee, juice, brie, chocolate croissant, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit (my off switch, it is broken) I wondered aloud "Maybe we should stick around another day. What's one day of preschool? I'm sure we could find something to do while you're in the conference."

So we did!

I was jealous of all the women in suits at the restaurant. NOT FOR LONG!


I LOVE those brothers. Look at them together then pinch me. Additionally, they have no qualms about swimming while fully dressed. In jeans. While it's sixty-five degrees outside. I spent a lot of time yelling "Stand up! You're getting SOAKED!"


Later it was time to play King of the Sand Dune. They looked like snickerdoodles. I had high hopes for this picture, a rare moment of cooperation, but even yelling "POOP" didn't get them to look at the camera at the same time. Charlie's been wearing his super cool conference-issue sine wave hat ever since Ryan put it on him Monday morning.


After the beach we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Wes loved the animatronic gorillas (not pretend, don't even suggest it). Charlie, as you can see, was terrified. He preferred the elephants, they're plant eaters.


The simulated thunderstorm was a little too much for both of them and by the time our food arrived we were only using one of the six available seats in our giant booth.


They managed to peel themselves away when dessert arrived. Gummy worms in chocolate pudding for everyone. Including me.


When we arrived back at the hotel the escalator was broken so I had to schlep the snickerdoodle brothers right through coffee hour at Ryan's conference. I had almost made it (no small feat considering the hallway was about six feet wide and packed with people in suits) when Wes fell flat on his face and screamed on the floor for no reason. Tres professional. We spent the remainder of the afternoon taking the elevator up to the thirtieth floor, pressing our faces against the window to the outside, then yelling "HEEEELLLLLP!" as it descended to the first floor (only rule of the game: wait until you get an empty elevator) and raiding the conference's "Spouses' Reception Lounge" for fruit and pastries.

Today we returned to the smorgasbord for breakfast then the kids and I took the hotel shuttle to a wonderful park for "Toddler Tuesday." We played on the playground, ran around in the interactive fountain, and attended a free outdoor Gymboree class. The kids were exhausted and I didn't have the stroller so we took a cab six blocks home and fell asleep in a pile in the hotel room until Ryan came back at lunchtime.

Now the kids and I are back home and Ryan's still at the hotel enjoying the housekeeping service and made-to-order omelets. Tomorrow I have to squeeze grocery shopping, laundry, and a nanny interview (gulp) plus all the associated driving around into the four hours of preschool and then it's the All Mama All the Time show until bedtime. Ryan comes back Thursday afternoon. We're all looking forward to it.


Chiconky said...

How fun! Way to be spontaneous!And yay! for nannies :)

I love the Rainforest pics. My son hated the gorillas and ruined the magic by yelling "They're just pretend, right Mama?!" The thunderstorm had him climbing up my head.

Kyla said...

Fun times on my town. The weather was perfect which is so rare! Next time you come this way, we'll have to get together.

What did the boys think of Space Center? Last time we went, I let BubTar go into the giant playplace for the first time and then had a panic attack when it took him 30 minutes to come back and I realized how many possible exits that thing had. Ack!

Alyssa said...

"Spouses' Reception Lounge"

Wow! Now that's a fancy/progressive conference! Glad you had a great vacation :)

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like a nice little get-a-way. Hopefully getting back t "life" isn't too hard.

sarah said...

Sounds so nice! Love the elevator game! LOL

Amy said...

Snickerdoodles -- hilarious!

Here's my best mom o' three advice: schedule a conference for Ryan during the first three months of new baby's existence. Leave the bigs at home and take just New Baby. You will have time to relax, walk around, sleep, etc. because New Baby will be nice and portable and easily napped in a carrier.

Anonymous said...

Space Center? Rainforest Cafe with wormy desert? Spouses Reception Lounge? SINE-WAVE hat????
Also that sea wall looks like the thing Cantore would love to stand on while it gets destroyed.

Marie said...

I just discovered your blog. Love it.

Your surprise vacation reminds me of the time our car broke down in Oregon and we had to have it towed to Portland. We spent an impromptu two days at OMSI, The Orgegon Museum of Science and Industry. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I love the Space Center! Where else can you watch exploding, flaming balloons while you enjoy ketchup with a side of cheetos? Space potties, anyone? And you wouldn't BELIEVE the fun you can have counting the number of stairs it takes to climb up to the control room. And don't get me STARTED on the buses! ADVENTURE! Just don't take anyone else's seat accidentally or you WILL get called on it...:)

Super fun, guys!

Sarah said...

How awesome and fun! Love the pictures of them on the beach-- so, so cute.