Friday, October 8, 2010

Soccer Mom

In an effort to help Charlie hate soccer just a little bit less and make the remaining eight games of the season less painful I took the boys to my school today to watch the ladies' soccer team play. It was convenient that Charlie has the class mascot, Honeybee, home this weekend because I'm feeling some pressure to make our weekend a little more interesting so Charlie will have something to say to his class on Tuesday other than "Honeybee and I ate cereal for breakfast then watched TV for nine hours while my parents built a wall upstairs."

Phent, Charlie, and Honeybee enjoying the game.

Charlie was very interested in the game and asked a lot of good questions. Wes learned to heckle!

Then it was time to go and Charlie, enraged that he couldn't flush the portapotty he had used (that DIDN'T FLUSH as I explained to him many times), locked his door before I could buckle him in and lost the lemonberry slush we had planned on getting on the way home. Both boys screamed all the way back to the highway and several exits down before Charlie conked out as we approached our neighborhood. I had to wake him up from his nap (more tears and screaming, super freaking duper) when it was time to go to his soccer practice, but I managed to calm him down by taking them to Sonic for dinner and letting them get corn dogs, which they think are hilarious.

Are these the best kids' meal prizes ever or what? It was like I was chauffeuring U2 around.

Bono and Edge

Ryan coached soccer today because I had a bad toe accident involving a toy airplane and the stairs (and some profanity) this morning. It's not broken, according to my PCP, just purple and swollen and hurts like you would not believe. They gave me a really sexy velcro shoe to wear, but it seems a little ridiculous because it's NOT BROKEN so I've been wearing sneakers. No one asks questions when a pregnant person is limping, velcro shoe or not. And no, I did not fall DOWN the stairs, I fell ON the stairs, all gentle-like. Except for the toe. Taco is safe.

Since Ryan was coaching, I finally got to take a picture of Wes practicing with the big boys. Wes LOVES soccer.


He even played in the dads vs. kids scrimmage and high-fived all the players after the game. Charlie had a great time, like he always does in practice when there is no whistle or pack of other kids clamoring for the ball. I really hope he enjoys the game tomorrow.

I picked up Chinese food on the way home and after bedtime Ryan and I had our first uninterrupted conversation in several months over mouthfuls of General Tso's and spring rolls. Perfection.


Sarah said...

I love the Wes picture-- that's totally how Jack was at t-ball (and harry freaking HATED it).
How's the wall??

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like a fun day. I bet you wished you had just "waddled" to the real toilets by the end of Charlie's tantrum.

And I agree with Sarah - the picture of Wes stretching is too cute!

Kyla said...

BubTar brought home those sort of class pets a couple of times...all I could think of was all the foreign germs that were also taking up residence at our house for the weekend.

Wes is too cute at practice! Awww.

I hope your toe heals up soon.