Sunday, October 31, 2010

The most overstimulating time of the year

A few weeks ago Ryan said "If the Rangers go to the World Series would you mind if I went to a game?" I didn't think it would actually happen so I didn't really look up from what I was doing at the time to say "Sure, why don't you take Charlie?" then mentally added "because I'm sure as hell not sitting on a metal chair outside for four hours watching everyone around me drink beer."

As it turned out, they just kept winning. Yay! And then Ryan's dad surprised him with two tickets to Game 3. Double yay! Last night found Ryan and Charlie and Ryan's family here:


It goes without saying that taking Charlie to a World Series game was a pretty cool moment for Ryan, a lifelong baseball fan. Charlie asked to look at the tickets every day last week.


I watched the game on TV and tried to pick a couple of quiet moments to call and make sure no one had been trampled, lost, or hit with a ball, but apparently there are no quiet moments when there are 54,000 people gathered to watch a team in its first ever World Series appearance. From what I could piece together, they were having a really, really good time.

I still can't get a lot of detail out of either of them other than "ITWASSOMUCHFUNOMG!" And Charlie had a hot dog and some nachos and learned how to do The Claw. Charlie pretty much hasn't slept in two days but is hanging on admirably.

Wes and I stayed here in South where we played with cousins, went to church, and oversaw the spraying of texture on The Wall. The texture is done, so all we have left is paint, baseboards, and doors. I am very, very excited about this.

Ryan and Charlie came back today just in time to suit up the superheroes and head out with my family for some candy.

The Super Brothers.

Wes continues to try and kill me with the cuteness. He had no trouble picking up on the whole Trick or Treating thing. After accepting their offer of candy, he walked right into the foyer of the first house and was headed for the kitchen when I finally got his attention.


Cute little backs.


This one I think we should definitely have printed so we can hang it in the living room.


After trick or treating we gathered at my house for lasagna and cupcakes then Ryan threw the children in bed so "we" could watch/yell at Game 4. So far it looks like it's good they went last night, lest Charlie learn some colorful new language to pass along to his preschool friends. A really great weekend all around. And now I'm going to go raid the kids' candy for some of that rock hard gum that only tastes good for two minutes because I've been thinking about that stuff for three days.


Katie said...

The capes are super cute! (No pun intended... okay, yes, it was intended!)

Enjoy that gum and the satisfaction of FINALLY getting what you're craving!

Sarah said...

They are so, so cute! And zOMG-- Charlie's feet look ginormous in the picture of them sitting outside. How awesome that he went to the game with Ryan-- that's the coolest thing ever.

Kim said...

It looks like Ryan and Charlie had a great time at the game!! I won't tell you who we are cheering for in this house... :)

Wes and Charlie had great costumes! Sam's mom brought down a cape from one of Sam's boyhood Halloween costumes and Aidan just LOVES being Super Aidan in it -- every boy needs their own superhero cape!

Kyla said...

Wow! That is awesome!!

Glad you guys had a happy boys did, but the girls were stuck at home. KayTar was sick and I was writing a g-d 9 page literature review on language development in autism. It WAS scary. ;)

A. said...

Those are great capes! I need to learn to be crafty, or at least buy a sewing machine and pretend to know how to use it :-).

Sorry the Rangers didn't come out on top in the World Series, but how great that Ryan and Charlie got to go to a game!