Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Helicopter? Paprika? Only he knows!

Every day after dinner Wes puts on an entertaining show for all of us. This is after dinner, that's why he's so dirty. I mean, that's one reason he's dirty. The other reason is the sand fight he had with a bunch of four year olds on the playground today (he's little but he's scrappy).

Hopefully you'll never need to converse with Wes about both paprika and helicopters at the same time, because you'll be totally lost.


Sarah said...

Hilarious-- I am trying to imagine the paprika/helicopter conversation. Love Charlie in the background

sarah said...

haha!! So funny!

And I see he's in the "I'm going to shake my head from side to side all. the. time" phase. Ethan loved doing that.

Hanah said...

"Stop jostling the helicopter so much! My paprika is spilling all over the place!"

Kyla said...


SH said...

i also have taught both college and preschool - never had a college student that could bounce between paprika and helicopter, either.

funny stuff!