Sunday, October 24, 2010


The scene: Me, Ryan, watching Desperate Housewives, eating leftover chili and birthday cake, trying valiantly to ignore the pitter patter of little should-already-be-asleep feet above our heads.

Finally it sounds like someone is playing bongo drums. And since, regrettably, Matthew McConaughey doesn't live with us, curiosity gets the best of me and I begin the process of hefting me and Taco off the couch. Ryan takes pity and heads up the stairs for me. I settle back in with my chili. The bongo drumming noise stops, but Ryan doesn't come back. I feel guilty and head up to take over.

Ryan is standing in the hallway, looking amused. Charlie is on the potty. Wes's door is closed and his room is dark. Charlie grunts. Wes growls from inside his bedroom. A little hand shoots out from under the door. Giggling all around.

"Hi Mama!" shrieks Charlie.

"MAMA!" says Wes from behind the door, followed by crazed cackling. The hand sneaks out from under the door again.

Charlie laughs hysterically. "Did you know there is a whole poop family?!"

Wes shrieks "POOP!" then screams, then laughs.

Charlie grunts.


Hysterical, shrieking laughter all around.

I settle myself on the edge of the tub. Charlie is still on the potty. A nice family moment, this.

Wes is screaming happily and pounding on the back of his door.

"Should I let him out?" wonders Ryan.

"He seems pretty happy in there."

The hand comes out from under the door, darting back and forth accompanied by crazed laughter.

"Yeah, a WHOLE POOP FAMILY!" Charlie is beaming the smile of a child who knows he's getting away with something and wondering just how far he can go before someone pulls the plug.

Wes thinks hearing "poop" again is a riot.

I try to reign things in. "You know, if you can get up like this and go potty at night and keep your PullUp dry all the time you'll get to sleep in undies!"

He looks me in the eye earnestly. "Like you? And Papa?"

"That's right." I nod solemnly.

He reaches down the neck hole of my shirt and points at first the left, then the right side of my bra. "Do YOU sleep in THESE?!"

I make a mental note not to wear this shirt to work.

"Uh, no, I don't."

"Why not?" incredulously. Ryan is laughing so hard he is now shaking silently in the hallway, not daring to make eye contact with me.

"It's not comfortable. Are you done going potty?"

"POOOOOOP! ROOOAAAAAAR!!" The little hand is back under Wes's bedroom door.

I heft Charlie off the potty and get him dressed again. Ryan takes him back to bed. Wes settles down.

Later Ryan finds Charlie asleep with his bedside light on, apparently having fallen asleep while reading his Children's Bible. Wes was asleep right behind his door. He usually falls asleep there and after I go in to move him to his bed I always step in the little drool spot on the carpet as I walk out of his room. Ahh, priceless memories.


Kim said...

Hahaha! I love this story!!

We have entered the potty talk is the most funny thing ever phase in our family too!

Sarah said...

He's so cute sleeping-- I love to take pictures of my sprawling children. There's just nothing funnier than poop, especially to a houseful of boys.

Katie said...

Poop stories are the best! Your kids are freaking hilarious.

AJU5's Mom said...

Why do kids fight bed so much? We ignor a lot of it too, but AJU5 and AJU6 were both up past 9pm last night (and we try to get them down by 8).

Glad you could laugh at their antics at least.

sarah said...

Ahh, the hilarity of poop. Every little boy's favorite thing.

I love that charlie is totally comfortable just reaching down your shirt! LOL Mine would do that, too. In public. Awesome.

Rima said...

Night capers are awesome. If you are in the mood for them, of course. It's great that you are writing all of this stuff down, it will be a treasure to read about one day!