Saturday, October 23, 2010

At the Firehouse

Today we had a birthday party for both of the boys. While Ryan and Charlie were at soccer and Wes was asleep, I made an enormous pot of chili. The recipe said "It will taste better the longer you cook it" so after a couple of hours of simmering, when it was time to leave for the fire station, I threw it in the crock pot to cook a little more. I was a little nervous when it was time to add all the veggies because it looked like it wasn't going to fit in my biggest pot. I had about two inches to spare. Also? When I planned the menu two weeks ago, I didn't know it would be eighty degrees today.

Pot too full

When I went to bed last night Ryan was making the second of two cakes for the party. The plan was to frost them in the morning, but when I got up in the morning Ryan had made this awesome firetruck cake. He even dipped pretzel sticks in melted white chocolate to make the ladder!

Ryan's Firetruck Cake

When everything was ready we met Charlie and Wes's friends at the fire station for a tour. We got to see their sleeping quarters, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. And then we got to get in the trucks and Charlie got the undivided attention of Firefighter Michael. He had a lot of good questions. He also had prepared a short monologue comprised of every single thing he learned during Fire Safety Week at preschool last week. He finished up with a short demonstration of "stop, drop, and roll." Charlie had a really, REALLY good time. All three firefighters were wonderfully patient and kind.


Wes was a little overwhelmed by being inside the firetruck, but he sure loved the front bumper. He also loved Charlie's friend C. And the lights. Really just standing close enough to a firetruck to put his face into the grill and scream to see if it will echo was good enough for him.


And then, because we hadn't bothered those poor firefighters enough, we made them pose on the firetruck with the kids.

The Kids

Did I mention how patient and wonderful the firefighters were? If there hadn't been a cake at home Charlie would probably still be there talking to them.

One of the Guys

After the fire station we headed back to our house for a crockpot full of chili, peanut butter and jelly buffet, and cake (and lots of fun playing and a little screaming and fighting, ahh brothers).



sarah said...

best idea for a birthday party. EVER. Looks like everyone had such a great time!!! that cake is fantastic!

mbc said...

You have the cutest birthday party ideas, I love the firehouse + chili + the cake is awesome. SO glad Charlie enjoyed that so much!!

Amy said...

Awesome idea. And great cake! That Ryan, he is handy -- creates rooms AND decorates cakes!

Dr. Maureen said...

That cake is amazing! And please share how he got red icing, because Jack requested Chirp an Quack cakes this year and I still had to make a pink Chirp.

Sarah said...

Awesome cake! Your chili looks fab, too. What a col party-- the kids look like they are having a total blast!

Anna said...

what an awesome idea for a birthday party!

AJU5's Mom said...

Looks like a great party. I just hope my cake decorating is as good as Ryan's this year...