Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two 2.0

It's possible I've overcommitted myself you guys. It is 11:45 on a school night the day AFTER Wes's birthday and I'm only now getting around to writing about it. And only because I feel really guilty that I haven't written anything yet. Poor Wes. I'll consider it training to be the middle child.

We started the birthday like we always do, eating cake for breakfast. Well, that's not exactly how we started the day. We started the day trying to get Wes to go back to sleep in our bed after he woke up at six o'clock (which, strangely, is the exact same time my water broke two years ago on the day he was born). We were unsuccessful so I took him downstairs for his pre-breakfast while I made the frosting for his cake. So Wes's birthday breakfast included a frosting-covered beater, a banana, and a cupcake. Parenting WIN.


He does love cupcakes. So does Rossby. Somehow, Wes already knew how to blow out candles. Pretty cute stuff.

Later, after a late-September birthday trip to the pool, Ryan came home and it was time to open his presents. This is as far as he got. Charlie helpfully unwrapped the playground ball he got for him, but Wes was long gone, flying around the living room. Later when I checked on him before bed I found him fast asleep with one arm curled around his airplane.


He sat patiently at the kitchen table while I made him his spaghetti dinner. Spaghetti is Wes's favorite real food. Since I couldn't interest the family in a big bowl of bananas for dinner, this was the next best thing. Wes and Charlie had three helpings each.


But Wes still had room for cake. He blew out those candles too.


Mmmm, spaghetti-cake. Delicious.


Charlie was SO proud of his brother. He told everyone he saw on the way into school "It's Wes's birthday! He's TWO!" Wes trailed along behind him, holding up one fist and four fingers "BIRTHDAY!! BIRTHDAY!!" When we dropped Wes off I gave his teacher the bag of cookies (gingersnaps, THAT I MADE, you're still the baby for another few months, Wes) for the special snack time I explained to Charlie that Wes was going to have a birthday party with his class, but that Wes had also put two cookies in Charlie's lunch. Charlie ran to his teacher and told her "It's Wes's birthday. He's TWO! He brought cookies for all his baby friends and he gave ME two!"


Wes came home wearing a green construction paper birthday crown. He was so happy and excited when I picked him up. Which may be why he didn't nap. That made the afternoon a little (a lot) rough. But dinner was special and fun and he went to bed with his super-cool new airplane tucked under his arm! Yay!


Sarah said...

SO cute!

I love Charlie's spaghetti face-- that's intense.

Happy birthday to Wes-- what a little doll.

Marianne said...

Oh my word... life with two boys looks very very fun. And messy. :)

Happy birthday, little guy. He's so unbelievably cute!

LL said...

Happy Birthday Wes!!

I can't believe you made cookies from scratch, and cupcakes, and cake (and frosting!). I sooo would have ended up with Hostess :) And I love the image of him sleeping with his new plane tucked under his arm. Landon did that with his new play boat that he got up in Wisconsin and it was the cutest thing.

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, Wes!

When I see messy spaghetti faces, I always think "Now THAT is a milestone KayTar will never reach." Noodles+mess=DEAL BREAKER. LOL.

Rima said...

Aw, happy belated birthday, little dude! He looks so grown up in those pictures. And the airplane is pretty sweet, too.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he's two! Happy Birthday! Also like photo 1 where Rossby says "hey remember how hilarious it is when I eat icing?"

sarah said...

Happy birthday to Wes!!! I love the idea of cake for breakfast; I will have to institute that rule in our house, too.

That first picture, with Rossby poking his face in for some cupcake? Hilarious!

So glad he had a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, late as usual. Happy Birthday to Wes-leeeey, Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuu!

Big fun catching up with your doings...trip to NMex looked awesome, first day of soccer, scary but hilarious. Loved the sox. Hugs to all the fellas from Candy and David