Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiny chairs, lunch boxes, and lots and lots of rain


A tropical storm heading for our city? Was not what I was expecting for the first day of school. However, I do love a good tropical storm. The rain, the cloudy skies, the fascinating hoarding behavior at the grocery store? It just makes me happy. Inordinately happy.

This morning was like any other except that I tried to delay my morning cup of coffee so I could enjoy it with the paper at Starbucks BY MYSELF after I dropped everyone (and I do mean everyone) off at school. Given that it took me nearly forty minutes to coordinate my brain and limbs enough to make two lunches and find extra diapers for Wes, I now realize that COFFEE (!!!) will be first on the list from now on.

The kids were their normal sluggish morning selves, but we managed to tear them away from Sesame Street long enough to get this magical and special back-to-school picture (originally this would have been outside, but like I mentioned before, TROPICAL STORM). This is the most magical and special of the ten or so that we took, the others having been wrecked by nose picking, fighting, and Rossby wandering into the frame just as I pushed the shutter. Wes chose the infant hat from a basket in the closet while Ryan dug around for our only umbrella (TROPICAL STORM!).

First Day of School

We made it to the building from the car with minimal distractions (the umbrella mesmerized them) and I handed Wes and his backpack over the half door of his classroom with no fuss, just like I was told to do at orientation. He walked off and found a doll stroller to push around with no fussing, no waving, no "Thanks for breastfeeding me for ten months!" nothing. He's always been an independent kid. Except for this weekend when he walked into our friend's kitchen to see me holding a tiny baby. That time he pointed at me accusingly, shouted "BABY!" then made his angriest face, complete with indignant snorting, before stalking off into another room. School, though, does not appear to be a problem.

For some reason, it was Charlie's dropoff that made me verclempt. He's a Big Kid at school now, so I'm supposed to hang back and let him do everything--hang up his backpack, take his lunch out and put it away--all of which he did with no trouble before he found his name tag among a whole table of name tags, which he also did with no help. And it just takes my breath away how grown up and competent he is. I pointed out that he got to wear a name tag JUST LIKE Papa does at work, gave him an awkwardly long and tight hug and sent him off to play at the table so I could flee the building before I embarrassed myself.

I did get my coffee at Starbucks and I did finally get to buy some maternity jeans (several earlier attempts were abandoned after appallingly awful behavior in the store (from all three of us, ultimately)). And now I'm home (no class for me this week because of Labor Day) facing down an entire August's worth of neglected housework and laundry and seriously considering making dinner (broccoli cheese soup and homemade bread... TROPICAL STORM!!) so I won't have to do it later when everyone is home and overtired.

But I am pretty excited about going back to get them and finding out what they did all morning.


Sarah said...

I am excited for pick up, too, and I was also a little choked up at Harry's door-- weird, huh?

LOVE their expressions in the picture-- very cute

sarah said...

that picture is awesome--they look super excited! LOL

I'd be so thrilled to have a tropical storm of some kind. We're in our 4th or 5th month without a drop of rain. I miss it!

I feel like having Ethan in summer camp totally cheated me out of that "first day of school" feeling this year, although I am already FA-REAKING out about the fact that he'll be in kindergarten next year--the school he's going to based on our location has a 19:1 student/teacher ratio and over 100 kids enrolled in kindergarten. My baby!!!!!

I hope they have a great day!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Alyssa said...

LOL! That photo is a classic!

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like you get to relax today. Hopefully the boys come home in a good mood and the rest of the day will be great!

Kyla said...

I got soaked by that freaking tropical storm TWICE today. Thank God I didn't go with the white shirt today...or else I'd have been giving everyone a show during history class. I have also resolved to purchase an umbrella. I don't think I'm cool enough to pull off using KayTar's pink kitty cat umbrella.

They are SO cute!! Hope the day went well.

Kim said...

I loved your description of the photo -- Rossby walking into the frame!! Franklin does that all the time too and has even been know to do his business in the background once when we were taking a family photo!!

It sounds like the Starbucks visiting and shopping trip were well-deserved!

I am totally jealous of your dinner plans, by the way! It is boiling hot here still, and I'm thinking of just a salad for dinner, or at least something else that involves no heating elements being turned on!

Amy said...

Awesomely awesome that you get to send them both!!!!