Monday, September 13, 2010

So it begins

The Schedule I've been longing for for the last five weeks begins this week. Mondays will be our lazy day. Or maybe our laundry day, Goodwill purge day, workout day, grocery shopping day, play in the backyard day, and errand day. Because Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings are school days for the kids and Tuesday and Wednesday I will be working "at home" (Starbucks, Panera, the other coffee shop) on teaching stuff, proposal stuff, and next semester's class during preschool. Tuesday morning is Ryan's men's group at church (which meets at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING to accommodate all the guys with nine to fives. Which is, apparently, pretty much everyone we know now that we're an age that rhymes with purdy). And if last week is any indication I won't be able to rely on school day afternoons to get anything outside the house accomplished, unless "have huge public fight with my children" is on my to-do list.

Thursday I go to my school right after preschool dropoff and my dad picks the boys up at their school. I come home right around dinner time Thursdays then leave again for my women's group at church. Ryan's meets at six in the morning, mine meets at six thirty at night. Totally fair, I think (Actually, there's a similar group that meets at nine thirty in the morning that I love and went to last year, but I'm going to be teaching Tuesday/Thursday mornings in the spring and I also want to support the evening group because there aren't a lot of activities at church that cater to working mothers).

Friday I go to school for office hours at twelve-thirty then teach at two. Then I hit Charlie's soccer practice on the way home (if I have time I plan to go pick him up and take him myself, but the way it worked out I think I'll be that working mom screeching into the parking lot a minute before it starts, picking my way across the grass in my heels, apologetically relieving the nanny (who is my dad) as practice begins, then taking the kids to Sonic on the way home because I didn't manage to get dinner together AGAIN).

Weekends are soccer games, birthday parties, Sunday School, and church. I am SUCH a cliche. But a happy cliche.

It's not as crazy as some of your schedules (like Kyla, my goodness), but it's certainly more busy than mine has been since I finished school. And I don't love the way the afternoons and evenings at the end of the week are full (that's prime couch-vegetating time), but I think it's going to be good for me (less couch vegetating time). And there's plenty of down time for the kids Monday-Thursday afternoons (hopefully not enough that they will get bored and turn on each other), which seems to be important for their sanity.

And then not long from now we'll throw an extra child into the mix and see what happens, WHOOO!!


Marianne said...

You are Super Woman! I don't know how I'm going to do all that you do (except with only two children) come January.

Sarah said...

That's about what we do-- love academia for the hours.. But in my true over-scheduling fashion, Harry also has swim, ballet, soccer, and drama class in the mix, and Jack has yoga and multi-sport class. Every fall, I get so excited for a schedule after a wide open summer that I just waaaaaaaaaaay overdo it. Yours sounds great :)

sarah said...

Sounds fantastic! I tried to pare down our schedule this year by signing E up for less school and fewer extra-curriculars. On one hand its lovely to have all that time open and available for whatever comes up; on the other hand, sometimes nothing comes up and Ethan and I tend to stare at each other a lot during the afternoons. LOL

I can't believe you'll be tossing another baby into that mix in a few months! You are officially my hero! LOL

Kyla said...

Glad to see Fall Insanity coming to someone else, too! ;)

AJU5's Mom said...

Isn't it crazy how easy a schedule can fill up? But, it sounds like yours if a good mix for everyone!