Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A note for my future self

I thought I should make a record of my day today so that one day when I am sitting on a porch overlooking the ocean, drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book it feels well deserved instead of self-indulgent.

My intention was to work all morning while the kids were in school, but an early morning laundry crisis changed my plans (as a pre-coffee, running late, hunt for some 2T shorts, ANY 2T SHORTS is wont to do).

After I came back from the preschool I thought I'll just stick a load in the washer and fold those two loads that have been on the floor since last week. That started a kind of June Cleaver chain reaction wherein it suddenly became very important to get EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BUGGED ME IN THE LAST SIX WEEKS DONE. So here's what got done before preschool pickup:
  • 4 loads of laundry folded and put away (and yes, I found many pairs of 2T shorts IN WES'S DRESSER. It's always the last place you look)
  • 2 loads of laundry washed and dried
  • Enough chicken for the rest of the week poached (and chicken broth for another recipe made at the same time)
  • Made a bed
  • Spot cleaned the carpet
  • Cleaned out my car (Necessary after a mortifying drive from a hotel to a restaurant with an out of town, childless friend last night. Welcome to town, sorry you have to sit with a child-sized backpack and fourteen Matchbox cars around your feet!)
  • Delivered first trunkload of clothes and bedding to the children's home
  • Returned overdue library books and CDs
And then I picked up the little guys and we went to the playground, came home for Wes's nap, made a craving inspired run to Sonic, rode bikes, and made dinner.

Ryan forbade me to lay so much as one finger on the remaining two loads of laundry or the dinner dishes and is now doing bedtime all by himself before coming down to his own "second shift."

So now I have some blondies in the oven and I am going to sit down with my heating pad (thanks for the sciatic nerve pain, Taco, it's pretty great) and grade a huge stack of labs so tomorrow will be free for proposal work. Why did I set up my weeks so the busy part is at the end? I do not know. Go ahead and use real cream in that coffee, future self.


sarah said...

omg, you put the kids in the oven???!!! HAHA! Horrible joke. sorry. :-)

yes, a cup of coffee, an ocean view and a good book will definitely be well deserved; I don't think you ever have to question that!

This reminds me I have overdue library books. Crap!

I need this kind of motivation--my self-diagnosed ADD gets me through about the first 2 minutes of all of those sorts of chores before I get side-tracked my something else that HAS to get done at that very moment. sigh. No one will ever accuse me of being June Cleaver.

Sarah said...

LOL @ Sarah's blondies joke-- ha!

Sounds like good day. I like those kinds of finite tasks that let you know you have accomplished something when they're done.

Leslie said...

early nesting?

AJU5's Mom said...

Wow - productive day even if it wasn't what you planned. And I agree with Leslie - sounds like a slight bit of early nesting :)

Kyla said...

Go you!

I am so glad to know that we aren't the only ones who don't exactly use the dressers all the time. In fact, we had such a hard time getting the kids folded clothes up to their dressers, we put a dresser in our room and gave them each a drawer for the frequently used stuff, before it just sat in little stacks on a side board we have inI our room, it was very attractive. LOL.