Saturday, August 21, 2010

Night of the Bounce House

When I heard there would be a slip and slide and free hot dogs on my campus last night I knew we couldn't miss it. Charlie was practically levitating by the time Ryan got into the car after work. "Are you going to go on the SLIP AND SLIDE with me, Papa?! PLEASE?!" The first thing we saw when we came around the corner from the parking lot by the science building was a thirty foot tall inflatable football player. And the kids went crazy.

Charlie watched the big kids on the slip and slide for a few minutes then ripped his shirt off and gave it a try. I tried to put Wes on, but he screamed and tried to bite me.


Wes was more excited to see the huge basket of bananas waiting for him at the beginning of the buffet line. We loaded up with bananas, hot dogs, cookies, and rice crispy bars and ran into our babysitter, officially making yesterday The Best Day of Charlie's Life. She ate dinner with us and told us all about orientation and living in the dorm (and how she had to call her mom with questions about laundry and Advil dosage, awww!) while Charlie interrupted excitedly "Miss Sunshine! There's a SLIP AND SLIDE and you have to take your shirt off and you run and get all wet and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. And there's a HUGE football player and you go inside and climb up the wall and it's hot but it's OK because Papa lifted me up and then there's a REALLY STEEP SLIDE at the end and it's so much fun and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT."

After two bites of hot dog and several cookies each Wes started wandering closer and closer to the bounce house we were sitting near, so we finally let them at it. Ryan got in with them "for the children's safety." I mentioned later that I'd never seen anyone jump so high in a bounce house and he told me "They wanted to see if I could hit my head on the ceiling!!!!" Eventually Miss Sunshine had to go off to watch a movie with her friends and eat pizza at three o'clock in the morning or whatever it is those crazy kids do these days, but the kids stayed in the bounce house for nearly an hour. Charlie hopped over to me once and yelled "MAMA! I LOVE your SCHOOL!!"


On the way out Charlie had a try at the "Dunk an RA" booth.


And then we dragged our posse of unwilling, sweaty, and fruit punch mustached kids home.


Where they slept until after eight in the morning. Ryan and I slept as long as we possibly could then wandered downstairs like "I guess someone should make coffee? I'm not really sure what to do all by ourselves like this." Wes is still sleeping and it's almost 8:30. They usually wake up at 6:30. I think we may need to get a bounce house.

UPDATE: This is Wes's wakeup face:


And we found Ryan's socks stuck in the roof rack on my car. We're pretty sure we drove home (20 mins on the highway) like that. Par-tay!


Kyla said...

Fun, exhausting fun!

Anonymous said...

Come visit me! I have a bounce house in my basement! (long winters = desperate measures) --abby

sarah said...

So fun! bounce-houses do make for exhausted kids--they are fabulous!

Melissa said...

My son, who looks to be about the same age as your son, is absolutely petrified of those bouncy houses!!

Kim said...

Maybe if I show Aidan this post he will give the bouncy houses a try. He too is terrified.

I love how happy Charlie looks on the slip-n-slide!! Whoever invented the slip-n-slide is a genius!!!

Sarah said...

Toys R Us has Playskool one on ale for $125...

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like a fun night. We have a hard time pulling AJU5 away from events like that too - so I understand the "pain."