Monday, July 26, 2010

In My Board Shorts, and My Flippy Floppies

We have some very serious sailors in this family. The weather has been perfect, warm and sunny and breezy. In Charlie's words, "I like it here, it's warm and cool at the same time." And when the woman who cut my hair the other day told me she felt awful because it's been so hot and she hasn't walked her dog all week, I had a brief glimpse into the feelings you all have when I complain that it hasn't climbed out of the forties all week in January. This woman we met at the park told us that winters are so much fun in New Hampshire because everyone bundles up and plays outside all day, and I thought about how much more time we could spend up here if we lived that close, and it almost seemed possible. And then I thought about what a pain in the ass it is just to find shoes for everyone before going out; snowsuits, mittens, and hats might send me right over the edge into crazytown. Also, they don't sell cilantro in the grocery store.

Charlie went sailing with Ryan, my dad, and me while Wes napped one day. It was a lot windier than we expected once we left the harbor and Charlie spent much of the trip clinging to Ryan's arm and listening to us sing songs from Barney over and over.


Wes joined us on a motor boat ride to see some seals. Here is is taking a break from sucking on the collar of his life jacket and trying to fall out of the moving boat.


Yesterday my aunt and uncle took us out on their big boat, which they sailed here from Seattle, the LONG way. Around South America. Everyone got to steer. Wes hasn't worn shoes in three days. Neither have I.


Charlie made a good captain too. My uncle apologized for the lack of excitement during our trip, since the wind was so calm, but I think it was perfect for two little kids. And although Ryan is, I'm not a big fan of feeling like I'm going to fall into the water myself, so I thought it was lovely.


And then Charlie couldn't take the excitement anymore.


And just because it amuses me, here's a picture of the boys feeding crackers to the seagulls in their jammies. Please note that the Texans put the baby in fleece footies so his wittle toes wouldn't be too cold in the crisp July weather. I am DREADING walking out of that airport when we get home.



Kyla said...

Love that sleeping photo of Charlie!!

Looks like fun! I wish we had that kind of weather here. I think I'd prefer the snow to this insane heat.

Marianne said...

That looks like a perfect vacation day (or two). And Becca --- those boys are so cute it burns!

Stephanie W. said...

I can't get over how much Wes looks like Charlie!

Glad you're having a good time. Seems like you are able to enjoy the best of both worlds: moderate Southern winters and gorgeous Northern summers!

Rima said...

Oh, my gosh! That seems like the absolutely perfect vacation! I want to go to New England, too!

sarah said...

oh you make me homesick for NH (not that the life I lived there looks remotely like your vacation and whoever said winter there is great is CRAZY! LOL). But what great memories for Charlie and Wes. And omg, they are so cute in this post!