Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hunger Strike is Over

It rained, there were muddy puddles, and Mr. Mad had a much better day.

Mud Man

This guy, on the other hand, screamed. Screamed at the grocery store, screamed at a friend's house (who loaned us this pretty pink lady-Pullup when Wes needed a change), laid facedown screaming in the back yard while I was on the phone with my friend, and screamed in the kitchen before bedtime when I wouldn't let him hold his hand under the running hot water in the bathroom.

Mud Fun

But he did do an impressive job on his first night in his new big boy bed. Ryan, ever the engineer, made careful notes of the evening. A tally of the times he put Wes back in bed along with notes about other activities that might have affected the experiment. According to his notes, he put Wes back in bed twelve times before he required a diaper change. Eight times later, he became frustrated and began to cry (Wes, not Ryan, although by the twentieth time putting Wes back in bed I would have been crying. Or swearing). By the twenty-second time Ryan had to put Wes back in his bed, he stayed there and went to sleep. We only heard from him once in the night. The whole thing took about forty minutes. Naptime today took an hour in the morning and I gave up after thirty minutes in the afternoon because I wanted him nice and sleepy at bedtime. It worked--he didn't get up once--but that could be because he was afraid of me after I had a nervous breakdown in the kitchen right before bedtime (see: day of endless screaming, and also, Charlie shut my foot in the bathroom door).

Wes sleeps on the right, Charlie on the left. They seem to be doing well, although Charlie calls it "Wes's room where I sleep."

Brother Room


sarah said...

I'm so impressed w/ the tenacity of both Wes AND Ryan. That process would have lasted 30 minutes in this house & then I'd just have crawled into bed w/ the kid so he stayed there. That is why our child will co-sleep until college. LOL

I hope tonight is easier!

Sarah said...

OMG-- love the lady pull up and the grass skirt. Too funny. Glad Mr. Mad is not mad, and I think Rya's notes are AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Those beds = adorable