Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Belated Fourth

We celebrated Independence Day by leaving the kids with my sister (thanks, Kate!) and staying at a swanky hotel downtown by ourselves. This place had BATHROBES, friends. BATHROBES. Which is kind of awkward, really, because who hangs around their hotel room in a bathrobe? I mean, after Ryan rejected my suggestion to put them on and then order up some room service for dinner. He MADE me go out to eat at a great restaurant and order anything I wanted, including dessert, and then he MADE me go to a piano bar to sing boozily along with all the tourists and bachelorette parties. I only pretended to sing boozily, obviously. Although I was pretty tipsy after I smelled Ryan's beer. It was a pretty great evening. The next morning we indulged in two breakfasts (one savory, one sweet) then went to get the kids who welcomed us home by whining for seven hours straight then falling asleep at ten after six.

Sunday morning we stopped by the traditional Boy Scout pancake breakfast at the fire station on the way to church. It was lots of fun, except I nearly forgot to take our annual firetruck picture. I'm so glad I remembered because this time they both sat so nicely and looked at the camera and next year we're going to have the disembodied arms propping up a floppy infant again and Charlie will probably be, I don't know, playing a video game or checking out girls or something.


Firetruck Brothers

Annual Firetruck Picture

Also, can you tell we're trying to make their long pants, which they only wear to church, last until fall? Wes's are size 12 mo and look like capris despite being huge in the waist. They fell down around his ankles as he walked to the car after church and Charlie laughed so hard no sound came out. Such a supportive brother.

After church we met Ryan's parents for brunch (more breakfast foods, can you stand it?) then went home for naps. I got some great chapter books to read to Charlie on an hour long trip to a bookstore with Ryan's mom, who is a children's librarian. She was very excited to help when I mentioned we had flown through Stuart Little and were hungry for more. She suggested some GREAT things and it took great restraint to not come home with several bags full of childhood memories: Mrs. Quimby and The Rats of NIMH, Little House in the Big Woods, Ramona, A Cricket in Times Square, Little Women. Charlie better learn to like coffee because we have a LOT of reading to do.

We had dinner at Labmama's house then sent the kids home to bed while we recreated the American Revolution on the street in front of her house with Black Cats, Roman Candles, and the aptly named "Mortar Shells," which come with their own cannon, shoot a hundred feet in the air, and explode with a resonating BOOM. When we got home at ten Wes was fast asleep and Charlie and his grandparents were enjoying the show from Charlie's bedroom window. This morning he joined me for the Boston Pops Patriotic Sing-a-Long on YouTube. A kid after my own heart.


LL said...

Oh man I'm jealous of your children's librarian connection- you should tell her to only buy you books! And then you should tell me what she buys you so I can get the same :) I love all the ones you mentioned!

Oh and Happy late Fourth!

Leslie said...

wow, Charlie looks so grown up! Wes totally looks like Charlie's mini-me.

Sarah said...

What an awesome weekend! How cool that you got some time away!! (and I always want to stay in and order room service, and Ben always drags me out). Love the truck pictures-- you have 2 KIDS now. Thank goodness next year's pic will have a squishy baby :)

sarah said...

they are so grown up!!

I have the same issue w/ E's pants--they are total high waters in the leg, but the waist is like a hula hoop around him.

I agree w/ Sarah! Can't wait to see next year's truck picture!!!