Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just call me Smarty McSmarterson, Depriver of Lovies

Hahaha, SO! If you're trying to get a one year old to sleep in a new place? You should proooobbbably make sure they have their "A" blanket when you put them down.

Yesterday morning I said casually to Charlie, "Hey Charlie, you haven't seen Smelly [Wes's lovey] around, have you? I can't find him."

When Wes heard me say "Smelly" he dropped what he was doing, ran to me, looked me right in the eye and stared. Which is the same reaction we get from Rossby when we accidentally speak the word "Sonic" instead of spelling it out.

And then I found Smelly under Wes's bed and there was great rejoicing in the land. And also slightly better sleeping. He took another nap for our babysitter yesterday and last night the shenanigans only lasted about forty-five minutes.

Today's project includes packing for our trip. Our packing list is as follows:

Becca: eh, whatever
Ryan: swimsuit, tshirts, deodorant, toothbrush
Charlie: Forty-seven pairs of shorts and undies, five shirts, Phent
Wes: Smelly

I've just cleaned out the fridge and guess what? We really do have NO FOOD. I wasn't exaggerating when Ryan and I had macaroni and cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes for dinner. Next up I'll do something about our truck stop kitchen floor, stock up on Goldfish, and drag my kids into the used bookstore long enough to grab something at random off the popular reading shelf.

Off to fold some laundry, because as messy as my house is normally, I hate coming home to a mess. I like to start from a clean slate, in other words.


apathy lounge said...

Our fridge either has too much in it...or not enough.

Kyla said...

Oh yeah...the lovey is a must!

Sarah said...

LOVE the look you in the eye dog comparison!

I hope you have an awesome trip and can't wait to see pics

(also love that his lovey is smelly)

Rima said...

Mac-n-cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers is a pretty square meal!

sarah said...

have a great time!