Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upon reviewing the pictures, Wes had a good time on our trip too

After that last temper tantrum of a post about Wes, we had some really happy moments with him and the trip ended on a high note. Until we got on the second leg of our flight home and then OMG. Let's just say I offered him to a total stranger after he BIT ME WHILE I WAS SINGING HIM A LULLABY. Anyway.

His most favorite moments were when we fed him brown foods. Like fried rice. You know what's fun? Eating in a new city at a restaurant that you'll probably never visit again.


While undressing him for bed I discovered rice in his socks and diaper.

He also enjoyed the chocolate wedding cake. So did I and so did Charlie. I had to eat fast because little hands kept reaching over and stealing mine. The very nice pediatrician at our table may have had some thoughts about Wes's brunch of Matchbox Cars and chocolate cake, or the Blow Pop Charlie snagged off the candy table (best idea ever), but she kept them to herself.



And Wes LOVED the Merry Go Round, also at the wedding. The heat index was 103. You might be able to tell.



Things Wes did not enjoy, as I mentioned before, were any kind of cultural activity wherein he was not permitted to ram the stroller into strangers' legs.

Fresh off the Metro before Natural History. A harbinger of a difficult day ahead for the Wes-man.

Wes saw this picture of himself today and insisted it was Charlie.


Ready to leave for the zoo. I didn't realize this but I left a conveniently-sized spot to photoshop Taco in for a Christmas card when the time comes. We'll have to order his/her coordinating hat soon.


And here Charlie is staying classy, eating a Sausage McMuffin while lying on the floor of Midway Airport. Later our host would ask me "Are you one of those germ people?" No, I am certainly not.



sarah said...

the brown food obsession kills me! I love it!

Oh, that spot on The Mall in the picture of you & the boys--such a furnace! It's so hot there! I've been so envious of your trip to NoVa, but then you've gone & reminded me of the heat--I feel less jealous now! LOL

So glad you had a great time!

AJU5's Mom said...

Okay, so this is the third time I have written this comment. I keep going back and forth about whether a candy table and carousel are actually a good idea. It would keep AJU5 happy while at the wedding, but it would be a challenge to get her to leave/not take all of the candy.

Sounds like a lot of fun on the tip. Love the picture of the boys together- definitley iconic/frame worthy!

Sarah said...

A candy table and a carousel?? Best wedding ever! LOVE their matching shirts-- very cute. Wes does look like Charlie and like a little boy instead of a baby. Good thing Taco is on the way!

Becca said...

@AJU5: I was a little concerned about the candy table but I told Charlie he could go pick out any three things he wanted and that was the last time he mentioned it! He's so grown up. It helped that it took him a while to get through the lollipop!

Anonymous said...

When do we get to see Charlie's pics? And when are you moving up here?

Marianne said...

So super duper cute...

Were you really in Chicago? Even just in the airport? Man... bummed out over here.

Candy Masters said...

I thought your lads were very well behaved! I did catch Charlie plaguing Wes in one picture with the triple kazoo, that was right before he lay on the floor and had a tantrum, which I also have pictures of. Have to show you when we are all in Maine. D and I are in Norfolk still waiting for weather, Sat looks good for a trip up the outside to Cape Cod Canal.

Kyla said...

Outdoor receptions in June kill me...this is the 2nd one I've ready about this week. I don't know if there is anyone I love enough to be outside in June for them (unless I was mostly submerged in water, LOL).

Brown foods FTW! ;)